Brittany and Brad

How They Asked

I decided to surprise Brad with Disney tickets for his birthday, when we got to the magic kingdom he surprised me with our forever fairytale. He had the ring for months trying to figure out the perfect moment and this one just fell into his lap! He was acting sooo weird that morning. He kept leaving me during the parade to use the bathroom little did I know he was setting up the perfect moment! All the Disney magic around us and I was focused on the Mickey Mouse and he was getting the photographer ready! We walked over to take a cute picture in front of the castle when Brad yells out “ WAIT she forgot something” and about that time he was on his knee with a ring. I immediately started crying and we both were shaking. My sweet man had tears in his eye and a frog in his throat as he asked me to be his forever! I, of course, said YES!

Brittany and Brad's Engagement in Magic Kingdom Disney World