Brittany and Billy

10290611_10154687425210599_3630201386981695049_nHow we met: Billy and I met by pure chance. I had recently went through a break up and many of my friends told me to make a profile on an online dating website, just for fun. After hearing this from so many people, I decided to see what all of the hype was about. After having a profile for a couple of weeks and getting it out of my system, I logged on with the intent of deleting it. I happened to check my messages when I had one from the man who I would soon fall in love with. After messaging one another for a few weeks, we decided to meet up in person in a restaurant. We have been together ever since that fateful first date!

how they asked: On October 3rd, 2014, Billy asked me to meet him and his family at Natural Bridge to have dinner together as part of a fall family tradition. He and his brother met me in the parking lot and told me that we needed to kill some time before the rest of the family got there. They excitedly told me about this lookout point called “Chimney Rock” that they had discovered while hiking the day before and asked if I would like to go see it since it was a short walk on a paved pathway. We had to drive about twenty minutes away from the restaurant and when we finally got to the pathway, it began to rain! The two of them frantically checked the weather app on their phones to see when the rain was supposed to subside while I tried to reassure them that it was no big deal; after all, it was just a rock that we could come see another time. Luckily, the rain stopped and we made our way out to the lookout point.

It was an amazingly beautiful view, so I wasn’t surprised that Greg, Billy’s brother, had his phone out to take pictures. I was too busy looking at the misty treetops and rolling hills to pay much attention to what Billy said next, so I turned to look at him. To my surprise, he was on one knee with the most gorgeous ring in his hand! The first word out of my mouth was “whaaaat?!” Of course, I said “yes” when he asked, “Brittany Lynn Fallen, will you marry me?” We then started talking about the breathtaking view and the sun’s perfect timing. I soon realized that he still had the ring and asked a question of my own: “Are you gonna put it on me or what?” He laughed, probably not shocked by my sassiness, and slipped the ring on my finger! I couldn’t be happier and I was even lucky enough to have the whole thing captured on video!

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