Brittany and Bernard's Chicago Riverwalk Proposal

Chicago Riverwalk Marriage Proposal

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It was a Saturday morning and we started our day with our normal routine – work out and then brunch. We sat at a place along the Chicago River Walk called Bridge House Tavern we’ve been waiting to try. All seemed normal.


After a mimosa (or two) we wrapped up breakfast and headed across the Clark Street bridge to check out the Polish Parade (I was obviously distracted by my incessant Snap chatting). Meanwhile, to my obliviousness, Bernie was actually leading me to approach City Winery on the Riverwalk from the east where the photographer he strategically placed was waiting. As we walked down the riverwalk I started again with the Snapchat. Bernie walked in front of me and as he made eye contact with Melissa, the photographer, he turned and dropped to one knee.



Chicago Riverwalk Marriage Proposal

My first reaction was, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”!! He started to propose. “Brittany…”. I was overwhelmed with shock and happiness. I heard people yelling over the State St. bridge and snaps from the photographer.


Chicago Riverwalk Marriage Proposal

Chicago Riverwalk Marriage Proposal

From there we cheered with a glass of wine from The Winery, while a private boat was pulling up to pick us up from the riverwalk. He told me not to call anyone and to put my phone away for “just us time”. We played our favorite songs, popped a bottle of Champagne as he brought me up to speed with everything he had been up to the last few months, and we just celebrated together!



After cruising up and down The River we pulled up to the dock and was floored – both of our (out of town) families were standing on the dock waiting to greet us. My family is from Cali and his family is from Indy so it was the first time they had all met in person.

My heart was so full! My stepmom, had picked up a dress, from a boutique I had been eyeing, for me to change into. We then went to one of our favorite restaurants (Luxbar) for the first time as a family. After dinner, Bernie suggested a pretty casual drink at Drumbar with the family for another celebratory drink and maybe have a few friends.



I was yet again completely surprised to get to the rooftop and see over 70 of our closest friends from all over to celebrate with us! It was the best day and Bernard executed flawlessly. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have the most thoughtful fiancé, most loving family, and supportive friends! There will never be a day like May 7th, 2016.



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