Brittany and Benjamin

How We Met

On June 6th, 2017 Ben and I met at a Yankee-Red Sox game at Yankee stadium. It was my sister’s boyfriend’s (now husband’s) birthday, and as a big Sox fan (booo), he got a group together to go to the game to celebrate. Ben and I had never met previously despite him being one of the birthday boy’s best friends. Fate had decided that today at the Yankee game would be our first encounter and we’re both grateful for that since it made for a pretty epic story. Ben and I sat a seat or two apart and struck up a conversation right away.

Brittany's Proposal in Yankee Stadium

After a sneaky hot dog break with an ulterior motive, Ben got a friend to switch seats with him so we could talk more easily. As we were hitting it off, we spotted a camera person coming our way. The Jumbotron shot was imminent. Ben boldly propositioned me to make out on camera for the stadium to see. I agreed and then quickly chickened out when the moment was upon us. The camera moved on but Ben, thinking on his feet, asked, “Okay but can we still make out?” to which I replied, “Take me on a date first.” The rest, including a ridiculously awesome first date, is history.

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How They Asked

About a week before the proposal date, we were at dinner with my parents. My stepdad very casually offered us an “experience” he had been offered for having previously been a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium. He said it was a private tour of the grounds plus a food tasting. The food part was when my ears perked up. He said that they were offered 4 tickets but couldn’t go because it was on Superbowl Sunday and they didn’t want to travel into the city. I actually said I couldn’t go at first either because I had a meeting with my sketch comedy group. After some convincing from Ben, who said, “How often do you get the chance to tour Yankee Stadium?” and a reminder about the food aspect of the tour, I agreed.

We were planning on going with my sister and her husband, the original pair we were with when we met. On the morning of February 2nd, 2020 I got ready for our tour and suspected nothing. My sister had to cancel last minute. Suspicious, but I remained unassuming. We rode the 4 train, as New Yorkers do, up to the Bronx. Upon our arrival, our tour guides told us that some photos and videos would be taken for the stadium’s website.

Our first stop was to the stadium seats. I probably should have realized something was up by then. Ben led us to the seats where we first met and got down on one knee. After backing away out of shock (sorry, Benji, I love you) and crying a lot of happy tears, I said yes and our song started playing (it’s the song in our video, too). The stadium also played ‘New York, New York’ by Frank Sinatra, which they play at the end of every game. I won’t pretend to be a sports expert but at that moment, I felt like a real Bronx bomber after hitting a home run to end the game. Is that too cheesy? Ah, well. That’s our story and it’s my favorite.

Our Video

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