Brittany and Ben

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How We Met

Our families pretty much raised us together together. Ben’s younger sister has been my best friend since I was 7, so he was always an older brother to me… That is, until I turned 16 and got my braces off and he put on a bit of muscle and lost the acne. We did long distance for over two years, and now we never have to leave each other again!

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how they asked

My then-boyfriend, Ben, and I were at a missions training school in Hawaii on the Big Island at the time. It was right before we were both heading separate directions for 3 months, me to Uganda and him to the Himalayas. I didn’t think he would propose until after we came back, so it all came as a big surprise.

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One day he spontaneously suggested we island hop to Maui for a Saturday trip, and I was like “wait, what?” I knew it would be crazy expensive and we live off of support, so I wasn’t sure it would actually happen. But sure enough, that weekend we packed our bags and got a ride to the airport at 4 in the morning! The crazy part is, in the back of my mind I wondered if Ben would pop the question… until we got to the gate and the woman informed us that he had booked our flight for the wrong weekend! I figured he would have planned it more carefully if he intended to propose, which convinced me that he wasn’t going to, but he really just misread the tickets.

After much convincing (and Ben pulling her aside to explain that he needed these tickets to propose) the woman switched us to the flight taking off that morning but explained that we would not be able to get on a return flight until the next day. This put a small dent into our plans, because we knew no one in Maui and had no where to stay. Amazingly enough, an older couple on our flight happen to be a part of our missions training school (YWAM) and their timeshare in Maui had two extra beds in it! It was the exact miracle we had needed. We spent the day driving through the beautiful island, and around lunch time Ben surprised me by taking me to a beautiful lavender farm (my favorite flower).

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He proposed in this beautiful garden with a view of the whole island, and I said YES of course!

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We got to spend the rest of the day celebrating in paradise!

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