Brittany and Ben

How We Met

Ben & I met on the night of his 20th birthday (10/04/2014). We hit it off instantly & became close friends not long after. One night, almost 4 months later.. we decided to go out for dinner & see a movie (just as friends). Little did we know, that was the beginning of the rest of our lives. A little over 2 months after our first ‘date’, he was standing in front of me asking me to be his girlfriend.. & a little over 2 years after that, he was kneeling in front of me asking me to be his wife. From the day that we met, we have spent every one of his birthdays together since ?

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how they asked

Coincidentally, Bens 23rd birthday was creeping up on us. So we decided to take a little trip to the Gold Coast to celebrate! We did what we do best & jam packed our week holiday with lots of fun activities like parasailing, rally car driving, jet ski rides & more. We had also planned to walk the outside of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere for our 2.5 year anniversary. Little did I know that Ben had something much bigger planned. The day of, we got suited up, ran through the safety briefing & hyped ourselves up before heading up to do the walk. I remember asking Ben if he was nervous, he said Yes.. oblivious me didn’t realise until later that he wasn’t just nervous for the climb! Me thinking it was pure luck, Ben & I got put at the front of the group – which meant that on the way up, we got un-interrupted views of the city! Anyway, we got to the top of the building just as the sun started to set – it was breathtaking. I got some photos by myself, so did Ben. He then came over to me, I grabbed his waist & smiled for the photo. Suddenly, Ben reached for something & as he turned to me, I instantly knew what he was holding! My face went into my hands while I cried for at least 60 seconds before being able to speak.. & let me tell you – the views of the coast & hinterland at sunset were absolutely amazing! But seeing the man that I love down on one knee asking me to marry him, gave me a feeling that I’ll never be able to explain. I think that we were both crying too much that I even forgot to say Yes! Although our hilarious group leader Marco, yelled that out for me. It was honestly such a special moment for the both of us, especially me. Usually when Ben tries organising a surprise for me, I always ruin it by guessing what it is before the time comes (he isn’t very good at hiding surprises). So for him to pull this off & catch me completely off guard, it just made the moment so much more incredible. & god am I glad that the moment was captured ? I reached the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere with my perfect boyfriend & touched ground at the bottom with my perfect Fiancé. 13/04/2017??

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