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How We Met

The story of how Ben & I met isn’t all that special. I was with some friends one night who went over to Bens house to wish him a Happy Birthday! That was the 10th of April 2014. We have spent every one of his birthdays together since. ?

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how they asked

Bens 23rd birthday was coming up, so we thought that we would take a little holiday to the Gold Coast to celebrate. We did all sorts of fun activities like parasailing, we rode jetskis, we went rally car driving! Then we had plans to walk the Q1 building on our 2.5 year anniversary. We suited up, got some photos & started making our way up the outside of the building! The view was breathtaking.. overlooking the coast and the hinterland at sunset was just incredible – not to mention that we had the most hilarious climb instructor, Marco! I didn’t think it could get anymore perfect. Then suddenly, I seen Ben reach for something from his pocket. As he turned back around, I instantly knew what it was!

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As he asked me to be his wife, I covered my face & started crying, as did he. It was such a surreal moment for the both of us. Especially for me, because it is not often that Ben gets away with hiding surprises from me (he is not usually good at hiding things), I always guess what it is before it happens. But he caught me completely off guard with this & I am so glad that I didn’t see it coming. The view was captivating, but seeing that ring on my finger & the man that I love kneeling in front of me was something extraordinary. I am so glad that the moment was captured! I reached the top of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere with my perfect boyfriend & touched ground at the bottom with my perfect Fiancé!??

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