Brittany and Austin

photo 1How we met: I remember it like it was yesterday. Working away, slinging coffee drinks at my church cafe and in walks this tall, gorgeous, blue eyed stud wearing a light blue beanie…my first thought: “umm how have I never seen YOU here before?”

He approaches the register and with the biggest smile on his face he says “Hi! How are you today?” Completely forgetting about the half finished latte behind me, we get to talking and out of no where it hits me…I’ve met him before! Actually, I think I even know his name! So I decided to go for it. “Your name’s Austin right?” And he replies, “Yes!” followed by the cutest little satisfied grin I’ve ever seen.

(Turns out, a friend of mine from my childhood was his neighbor, so I’d see him around from time to time. Fate? I guess so.)

After ordering his chai tea latte, he left and with a glimmer of hope in my heart, I just knew there was something special about this guy. Each day at work was a little more exciting from then on, knowing HE could walk in. As weeks past, Austin came in every day. Ordered his same chai tea latte and we got to know each other, until finally one day he asked a co-worker of mine for my number and we’ve been inseparable ever since. All to find out later, he’s never liked coffee. Chai was bearable at best. He actually only came in there to see me, because a friend told him “there’s a new girl working in the cafe I think you’d like.” Good job friend. You were very very right.


how they asked: Thursday, November 13, 2014. I consistently have Thursdays off so I had made plans with a friend to get coffee in the morning and then plans with Austin’s mother in the afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon I get a text from my friend saying something came up with work and she has to cancel our coffee date. Bummed, I tell Austin and he proposes we get coffee in the morning instead! We haven’t spent a good quality morning with each other in a while, and he will just go into work late this once.

Thursday morning arrives, he picks me up and we drive to our favorite coffee house- Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in La Jolla. After enjoying our delicious cappuccinos, we’re heading home and he tells me “I think I’m just going to take the day off work and call in sick. It’s much more convincing than showing up two hours late.” Im stoked! I get to spend my whole day off with my man! As we’re driving down the coast, he asks me what I’d like to do on my day off, and I say “let’s just go for a relaxing beach walk in Carlsbad like we always do. It’s so nice out.” So that’s what we do. He parked the car, opened my door, and hand-in-hand we stroll down the Carlsbad boardwalk enjoying the brisk weather I’ve been so eagerly awaiting.

As we approach our favorite Tamarack jetty (which holds many memories for us from the early stages of our relationship) he helps me across the rocks, as I’m wearing boots not meant for rock hopping. Knowing how much of a picture person I am, he asks if I wanted to take a picture here, since it’s kind of tradition. Well, his exact words were “Woah this is a sick spot! Wanna take a pic babe?” Of course I do, it’s me we’re talking about. So I swipe open my phone and open the TimerCam app (which is what we always use to take pictures when we’re alone together).

“Go walk over there and stand on that rock so I can get you in frame” Austin says. As he’s fumbling with getting my phone to stand up straight, he takes his Vans off and makes a tripod out of them. He then takes his phone out and says “I want to get a pic too! You always have all the pictures on your phone!” “You downloaded the app too!?” I ask, excited thinking maybe he’s giving in to my obsessive picture taking ways. “Yes!” he says, “just did it the other day!”

Finally balancing both phones on his tripod shoe creation, he says “ok I’m about to press it!” and hops the rocks over to where I’m standing. When he gets to me I ask him “what kind of pose do you wanna do?”, he gives me a sweet kiss and gets down on one knee. “Brittany Louise Keene………” and that’s all I remember. My mind went blank. I froze, completely and utterly engulfed in all the love we’ve grown together coming to a peak in this moment. My heart stopped but yet was running a thousand miles an hour. And then I hear “will you marry me?”

Without the slightest hesitation, my answer was yes!! Absolutely yes! After lots of hugging and sobbing and realizing that yes, this really did just happen, he goes “Oh, and you’re being filmed. Say hi to the camera!” Shocked. He recorded the whole proposal on his “newly downloaded TimerCam”! What a smart guy. Needless to say, I am still floating on cloud 9. Our weekly Carlsbad beach walks will never be the same again. I am the luckiest woman in the world to get the privilege of sharing life and love with my best friend.

photo 2
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