Brittany and Andrew

how they asked

Today (July 2nd) has always been a very emotional day (my mom passed July 2,2004), but today (July 2, 2016) the love of my life surprised me with a beach day with some amazing friends, then we had a cookout and wrote notes to my mom and released balloons with notes to mama. Drew informed me he had already written his.

He places in on the table “you can read it” and walked away. His note: “I’m sorry I haven’t met you in person yet but I meet you every time I see your daughter and she is beautiful same as you and I love you so much and I’m in love with her thank you for leaving her on this Earth for me to find but I know I will meet you and we will all be happy in the fact we can see each other I just have one request and that as for your daughters hand in marriage I want to love her for the rest of our lives and to comfort her when she feels lost without her I vow to never let her feel alone and thank you for all you have done for us. I can’t wait to meet you. I love you with all of my heart and your daughter has my heart. Love, Drew” he had walked around the corner and was waiting on me.

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I walked around crying and he gave me a hug told me he loved me then got on one knee. He asked, I said yes.