Brittany and Andrew

n84My fiance Andrew and I met on a cold January night when a mutual friend brought me to his house for a small gathering. We arrived at the house where him and his college friends sat drinking in preperation for a night out at a local country bar. I did not know anyone at the house but immedietly noticed Andrew and his undeniable charm. Andrew introduced himself to me and we chatted briefly before being rushed into cabs to head to the bar. We ended up in the same cab which Andrew told me later was no accident, he made sure he was in the same cab as me. To this day I still do not know what possessed me to do what happened next, but right there in the cab.. merely an hour after we met, I reached to the front of the cab where Andrew was sitting, wrapped my arms around him and proceeded to lick the side of his face while taking a photo of us. I can’t explain it, I was just drawn to him like a magnet. As soon as we got to the bar we began dancing, and spent the entire night in eachothers arms. From that night forward Andrew and I became inseperable.. we went from strangers to talking about spending forever together almost over night. It was truly love at first sight.

The best day of my life began like any other day. Andrew woke me up early that morning and told me he had a day planned for us and to pack an overnight bag as we would not be coming home. I got ready while continuously bugging him about where we were going, but he would not give in. The first stop of the day was to the Elmwood spa in Toronto, Ontario. The spa was absolutely beautiful, they handed us hot towels as we walked in and asked us to change into robes. We began to relax while getting pedicures side by side. From there we walked to the Allan garden conservatory. Andrew and I have a love for gardens and have spent many summer days pickniking throughout them. Everything seemed normal, and Andrew explained he had heard about this garden online and wanted to check it out.. I didn’t suspect a thing.

We walked into the garden which was filled with exotic plants, and flowers, even palm trees. We walked through stopping to see the various flowers and eventually got to a door which led to the outside portion of the garden. We found benches outside and grabbed a seat. This is when I started to notice Andrew appearing nervous as he began to tell me how much he loved me. He stood up and asked me to stand with him, then he pulled out a little box from his back pocket.


We both stood there staring at each other while I immediately burst into tears and Andrew proclaimed “You are everything I have ever dreamed of and more, I want to spend the rest of my life making you the happiest person..”. Andrew got down on one knee, opened up the box and said “Brittany, will you marry me”. I had to catch my breath, I could not believe how beautiful the ring was, or that the man of my dreams was asking me to marry him. I threw myself onto him as he was still on one knee and wrapped my arms tightly around him. I remember at this point Andrew saying “So.. yes?” I laughed and shouted “YES”. We stood up and spent the next several minutes hugging, kissing, crying, and laughing. The man of my dreams had just made all my dreams come true.

Thats when the photographer came out from hiding and continued to take photos of us, I couldn’t believe it. From there we went to the Hazelton hotel where he had white roses and Moet waiting for me. The hotel was exquisite, from the marble bathroom with the TV built into the mirror, to the electronic drapes.. it was perfection. We spent the entire afternoon drinking champagne and taking it all in. I wish that I could relive this day over and over, it was truly more then I had ever imagined.