Brittany and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met on a ski trip to Breckenridge in January of 2014 during our last year at Texas A&M University. At the time, both of us knew we would be going separate ways upon graduation in May – so we decided to casually date. Our first date was on January 16, 2014. Alex picked me up to for a “surprise date” – little did I know he was such a romantic. He took me to South College Station where we found an open field and talked for hours while looking at the stars. We had a couple more dates like this – playing disc golf and hammocking in a park while listening to old country music among my favorites. I started to really fall for Alex but we both knew that we would be going separate ways in May – with me starting graduate school in Houston and him starting dental school in San Antonio.

After 6 months of this casual dating, the day before he left to start school on June 30, 2014 he told me he couldn’t stand the thought of not trying to attempt long distance to see where things could go. We both agreed that either way, we would either have an amazing relationship or it would end and we would stay friends – either way it would be worth trying. After 2 years of a long distance relationship with my best friend I can honestly say it was worth the shot. I decided to move to San Antonio after graduating with my Masters and was luckily able to find a job there. We are now both happily living in San Antonio together while Alex finishes up dental school the next 2 years.

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how they asked

Alex and I woke up on Sunday morning and started getting ready for the day. Alex explained that he wanted to go to his Grandma Punkin’s ranch called Tooth Acres, check out the trail cameras, and maybe do some hunting before heading to the Sisterdale Winery with our friends Matt and Rebekah. Tooth Acres has always held a special place in our hearts because we have created so many memories there over the years. Alex and I hunt, go on hikes, swim in the creek, and have spent many relaxing weekends out there. I was about to put on comfy clothes when he explained I should “wear something nice” for the winery since Matt’s wife would be dressing nicely as well. On the way to the ranch, Alex called his friend Matt and even confirmed that we had just left and would be meeting them there soon. Everything seemed normal because this is something we had done many times before.

After a nice 40-minute drive, we arrived to the ranch and Alex checked the top trail camera while I waited in the car and hung out with the cows. We drove through Tooth Acre’s beautiful land to the bottom where the windmill stands and then got out of our car to walk to the next trail camera. Alex started bringing up all the amazing memories we shared out here over the past almost 3 years as we strolled along. Once we got to the trail camera, he explained that he wanted to move it to the top of the ridge. We walked up the path and Alex started becoming more quiet while I was still blabbering on about anything and everything.

Once we were at the top, he put his bag down and walked me over to this spot we cleared months ago that we named “The Lookout”. This area is beautiful and is on a ridge over-looking the field and creek below. Alex started talking about how much we had been through over the past couple of years doing a long distance relationship, how strong our relationship had become, and how much he loved me. He told me he wanted nothing more than to spend forever with me and start a family together. All of a sudden, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I absolutely said yes!

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After this, a hidden photographer emerged from the woods who captured the entire moment. I was so surprised he had planned all of this, when he said he had another surprise for me. He took out a picnic bag and told me he wanted this to be our first meal as an engaged couple.

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We sat on the ridge overlooking the fields with champagne, cheese, meats, crackers and dips and toasted to our engagement. Alex even got champagne glasses etched with our names and the date (10.16.2016) on them.

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After our romantic picnic, we took a few more photographs in the field and then headed back to his parent’s home.

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On the way we surprised all of my grandparents and call them to tell them the big news. Everyone was so excited for us to start our journey of marriage together. When we arrived to his house, there were gold balloons lining up the walk-way path with a “Welcome to Our Beginning – Alex & Brittany” sign at the door. We opened the door and all of our family and friends greeted us with so much love! My entire family was even able to be there which meant the world to me since my parents live in Singapore in Asia and my 4 siblings live in 4 different cities across the country.

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There were decorations everywhere – banners, photo frames, M&M’s with our names and faces on them, beautiful cookies and cupcakes decorated for the occasion, a giant Q balloon, and pictures of us hanging with a cute sign – it was a dream and better than I could have ever imagined. Our engagement was such an incredible day celebrating with our family and friends and will be something that we never forget.

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Special Thanks

Pine and Blossom
 | Photographer