Brittany and Alex

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How We Met

Brey and I met in North Carolina at a basketball pro am. I was playing in the game and I felt like someone was watching me so I look over and she’s looking at me dead in my eyes. I’m kind of nervous because most times when you catch someone’s eyes, most people will look away. Brey kept staring and didn’t look away. I remember subbing out of the game to get some water and she’s still staring at me so I give her a look that says, “what’s up” Brey says to me “You have nice eyes” I laughed and say thanks. After the game I’m with my roommate Lorenzo Brown and we are talking about Brey and I tell Zo that this girl has been feeling me. I say, “Watch this Zo, I’m going wave to that girl over there and she’s going wave back. Zo replies by saying Yeah whatever. I wave at Brey and she waves back very excited LOL. As we leave the gym Zo asked me if I’m going get the number, I reply by saying, “Naw she’ll find me” An hour goes by and I’m on my twitter and it looks like I have a new follower which of course is Brey. I send her a direct message saying that, “Well that didn’t take very long Lol” We end up exchanging numbers and go on our first date not long after.

how they asked

My wife and I are both basketball players and we are both competitive so we always play one on one. This time I was thinking that I would play a one on one game that both parties couldn’t lose. I told myself that I would score the first two buckets and then the third one I would fake an injury. I had one of my boys block Brey so she couldn’t help me up and then I had my other boy pass me the ring. Every thing I had envisioned that day went exactly as planned, it was an amazing day and has become one of the best proposals to date.

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