Brittany and Adrian

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How We Met

We met at college cheerleading tryouts in San Antonio in April of 2011. I had a broken ankle and wasn’t able to do one of the required events at tryouts, so I found a veteran cheerleader, who happened to be Adrian, and told him the situation. He told me no problem, and that he would tell the coach. I found out I made the team, then he immediately added me on Facebook the next day. We didn’t talk after that, but we had practice at the college one weekend in June and July. My friend Kayla and I drove together for the practice in June and all during the drive we talked about everyone on the team and I mentioned how I thought Adrian was really cute. We had our practice and then planned on going to Cowboys Dancehall that Saturday to see Chris Young. Kayla was more social than I was, and she asked Adrian if he was going to be there, and he said yes.

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We finished practice and went home to get ready for the concert. We get to Cowboys for the concert and meet up with our teammates and then I saw Adrian. We all said hi and talked for a minute. I remember he asked me if I had gel in my hair because I had worn it “scrunched”. We danced once that night and then talked to each more at practice and then all throughout the summer. When I got to San Antonio for school in August, we started dating. We dated for about two years while we were in college and then broke up. He graduated in May of 2013, where he moved back to Houston to start his career. I didn’t graduate until May of 2016 and I moved back to Dallas to start my career. We hadn’t had any contact for about 4 years, then a mutual friend told both of us that the other was asking about the other, so we finally got in contact in August of 2016 and started dating again September 4, 2016.

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how they asked

We planned a trip with my family to San Francisco in July, and Adrian was coming with us. We planned a wine tour where we would go to different wineries for their tastings and just hang out. It stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge first, then we went to our first stop on the list: Jacuzzi Winery. On our way to the winery, I kept asking Adrian if he was ok because he was fidgeting nonstop. He assured me he was fine, so I just left it alone. When we got to the winery, my brother, sister-in-law and Adrian said they needed to go to the “restroom”. I didn’t think anything of it, so my parents and I all did one of the wine tastings because they were taking so long.

We got our wines and then were going to go outside and look around. When we got outside, my sister-in-law ended up spilling red wine all over my mom’s white shorts, so that was quite the distraction. I went into the restroom to get her towels and then heard Adrian yelling my name, “Brittany Rae!!” And I snapped back at him saying, “I’m getting towels for my mom, hold on!” I get out and hand the towels to my mom and help clean up, then Adrian immediately grabs my hand and starts pulling me outside to “go take a picture”. We start walking out past the building out to the vineyard, and right down in the vineyard were pictures of Adrian and I and a sign asking “Will you marry me, Brittany?”

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I don’t remember anything that he said, I just remember he got down on his knee and pulled the ring out and asked me. I immediately said yes! My brother was taking pictures and my parents were taking video the whole time. After the excitement settled down some, Adrian told me he had one more surprise for me and took me back up to the building. He led me into this room where they kept barrels of wine and there was a table set up with all of our pictures and wine glasses and a bottle of wine. A woman walked out, and Adrian introduced us and said that she was his contact for setting up the whole proposal and they had been planning everything for the last couple of months. I was completely surprised, especially because he and I had gotten into a heated conversation the night before he proposed about how he was getting my hopes up too much and we had been talking about marriage for a long time, but nothing was happening. Little did I know the next day what he had up his sleeve. He proposed on July 21st 2017, and we’re getting married in Dallas on July 21st, 2018!

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Special Thanks

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