Brittany and Adam

Image 1 of Brittany and Adam

How We Met

We met on… tinder! Not the best way to meet but here we are. Haha. we physically met the next day and went to the beach to walk around and talk. We talked till the early hours of the morning and Couldn’t stop. We talked about everything! We then went on an official date the next day. Straight away we knew we wanted to be together forever.

How They Asked

Adam told me we were going for lunch and then to the aquarium. This was pretty usual for us as we have frequent dates out so I DIDN’T think much of it. We had lunch at 6head and then began our drive to the aquarium. As Adam pulled up to a park, turned off the car, and smiled at me, I thought “Wow this is it” and then he turned the car back on and said “Just joking” I was furious, and he then walked me up to the gazebo and popped the question.

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Special Thanks

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