Brittany and Adam

Image 1 of Brittany and Adam

My now fiancée, Adam, and I had the worst Saturday you could’ve imagined. Long work day, sick dogs and horrible rainy weather. Not to mention, we had no cable that night. It just so happened that same night was our four year anniversary. We had no food in the fridge, so left over pizza it was! We joked how this was it. This is what life would be like.. cleaning up after dogs and being exhausted with no food in bed. We had planned the following day, Sunday, to head to Adam’s hunting camp and let the dogs run and find antler sheds. I think he asked 10 times the night before if I still wanted to go. So, Sunday we headed up to camp- it was COLD! We walked down the trails of camp, talking and running the dogs. Adam had found a shed already, so now it was my turn. He spotted another one towards the bottom of the trail. It was steep, snowy, and slick so I sent our dog, Denver, down to retrieve it for me. When he brought it back, my body went numb. As my brain tried to form the words written on the antler “Will you marry me?” I turned around to see Adam down on one knee with a ring, looking anxious and hopeful. I was stunned, and all I could mumble was “Are you serious?” Of course he was serious! After a few moments, which felt like hours, I said yes and threw my arms around his neck. We walked back to the hunting cabin to see his parents waiting with a camera and a hand painted sign. They wanted us to be able to share the news as soon as possible. I spent the rest of the day on and off crying and imagining our wedding day.

Image 2 of Brittany and Adam