Brittanie and Philip

How We Met

Brittanie and Philip are high school sweethearts who have been dating for ten years. They decided early on that if they got married they would wait till after they graduated college. Well, flash forward 10 years Philip finally graduated with his Bachelor of Mathematical Science and decided its time.

Proposal Ideas In my house

Where to Propose in In my house

Brittanie and Philip's Engagement in In my house

how they asked

On September 9, 2017, Philip went to pick Brittanie up for a dance lesson. Little did Brittanie know that Philip was about to ask her the most important question of both of their lives. The very question Brittanie had been dreaming about since she knew he was the one. He asked her “Brittanie my love will you marry me?” Brittanie was shocked she hadn’t expected it, which was a good thing…because Philip in his nervousness had forgotten to bend the knee.

Realizing it he got down on one knee but, Brittanie didn’t care as she was beaming and answered “YES!”. After telling their family and close friends, most of them said the same things…”ABOUT TIME!”