Brittani and Peter

How We Met

I was working at a boot store on my hometown when we first met. He lived in my hometown but worked in North Dakota. One day he came into my work looking for a new pair of work boots. I of course being the shy person I am had one of my co workers help him. She knew I liked him and he had asked what my name is so she told him. He had ordered a pair of boots so he had to come back in. When he came back in I had helped him this time and that might he found me on social media and asked me to go hangout and play a game of pool with him. I did and we have been together ever since!

how they asked

It was the weekend of my birthday and we headed up to Bozeman, Mt for a beautiful weekend snowboarding trip. Up until three years ago I had never snowboarded in my life, The moment I knew he was the one was the first day he took me to the mountain and with love and amazing patience he taught me how to snowboard. We have been doing it together ever since. We spend the first day on Bridger bowl mountain having a blast with friends and family and a hot tub at night! The second day we went to big sky ski resort and spent all day having a blast yet again. And even though he wouldn’t sit next to me all day(since the ring was In his pocket) I had no idea. On the last run down the mountain he met me right under the chairlift halfway down the mountain and took my board off even though I kept saying cmon lets race to the bottom! He didn’t say anything. Next thing I knew he has pulled a box out of his pocket.

Image 1 of Brittani and Peter

Got onto his knees( I was sitting) and popped the question. I cried and of course said yes!!!!

Image 2 of Brittani and Peter

Image 3 of Brittani and Peter