Brittani and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I were both pretty tired of online dating. He’d been single for almost a year, I’d been single for over a year, and online dating was really knocking us down. I was the first to contact Luke and good thing I did! Luke has been stood up the day before I messaged him, and he was about ready to delete his account. But I messaged him, and we starting talking about the things we liked. I was sick at the time, so our first date didn’t happen for a couple of weeks, but then he took me out for ice cream and we walked around a park for two hours (in the cold April weather) while getting to know each other. It was a really great evening, even if my hands were freezing!

How They Asked

I’d been hinting at an engagement for a while. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to marry Luke, so I hoped that he felt the same way. We went home to my parents’ house for Easter weekend, and he asked for my parents’ permission while I wasn’t in the room (so cute!). We left on Sunday afternoon, and we went back to our apartment to watch game 6 of round 1 Stanley Cup playoffs (I’m a hockey fan—Luke doesn’t really care for it). During the game, Luke started to act weird.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In our apartment

He was quiet, he kept looking at me funny, and when I put my head on his chest I could feel his heart was racing. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he was fine. A few minutes later, I asked him again, and he told me to close my eyes. When I opened them, he had a ring box in his hand and he asked me to marry him! I had no idea he’d gotten a ring—a ring that’s actually my dad’s mom’s engagement ring. It’s so special to be wearing an heirloom, and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with him!

Proposal Ideas In our apartment