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Dain and I have been dating for just about seven years and we love to travel. With our anniversary just around the corner we decided to take a trip to South Carolina and visit my very best friend who recently told us she was pregnant. In the mist of it all she is a photographer and I wanted to get a few good and professional photos of ourselves while we were there. Little did I know Dain had a plan all along! We took a car ride up into the mountains on a beautiful Tuesday morning, nothing but singing and sightseeing in the car on the way to our destination. We finally parked and unpacked all of the camera equipment and started walking up what felt like a million stairs.

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As Shyla was setting up her camera I was taken away by the view of the mountains, it was breathtaking! We started doing a couple of poses, laughing and just being all cute then she had us turn back to back. About ten seconds went by and she asked us to turn around and there he was, on one knee!

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I was in complete and total shock, it was like everything has built up to this moment for so long and I couldn’t speak. He said some of the sweetest things to me and I was non stop crying. I finally said yes and realized this was all being photographed!

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Special Thanks

Shyla cino
 | Photographer