Brittani and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I began dating when we were only 16 while going to the same high school and we have been inseparable ever since! He’s still the same guy who gives me butterflies when he picks me up and tells me how much he loves me. Austin is the most kind-hearted, supportive guy in the world. He loves me unconditionally, even when I’m hungry.

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He has my back through everything I do and I couldn’t have opened my State Farm Agency this past year without his constant motivation. I could go on about him for days because he’s truly everything I have ever wanted in a husband.

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The love he has for his own family and my family (especially my Grandmother) makes me the happiest girl in the world. He’s the type of guy that shows appreciation for the smallest gestures, the guy who loves his mom more than anything and the guy who cares for animals just as much as I do! For the past 6 years he has handled my type A, perfectionist personality like a champ.

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how they asked

On December 30th, 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend and on December 30th, 2016 he got down on one knee at Railroad Park in Birmingham and asked me to spend forever with him!

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He made sure my nails were done, asked my mom for permission, planned a special day and most of all when I turned around he had my cousin there to photograph the entire thing! I was speechless! To keep the trend going, we plan to get married December 30th, 2017 which will be our 7th year together (lucky #7). I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my high school sweetheart! ❤️

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