Brittaney and Cody

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How We Met

Cody is 9 years older than me and always the guy the younger girls crushed on. I got to know Cody when his ex-wife had her clothing line for young kids and juniors and asked me to model her clothes in a few of the local shows. Hence, my crush on him continued into my teenage years! Unfortunately for him, but luckily for me, he got divorced. Fast forward 13 years, and his son was a student in one of my mom’s junior high English classes. Of course Cody being the gentleman he is, during parent/teacher conference, would always ask how the family was doing… And don’t you know my mom took every opportunity to let him know I was single! She stayed on me to reach out till one day I did; I messaged him on Facebook about how well mannered his son was when I met him, and a week later we were on our first date! My inner 14 year old was high fiving herself and yelling, “YOU ARE ON A DATE WITH CODY HALLIBURTON, DO NOT MESS THIS UP FOR US!” That evening, we watched the Spurs win- who were currently on a losing streak- and from that point on, he requested my presence when a Spurs game came on TV. Something about me being a lucky charm :) 3.5 years later, and we’re moving forward! Oh! And the Spurs beat the Nuggets the day we got engaged!

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how they asked

On October 7, the birthday of my now fiancée ? we were spending the day doing everything he wanted to do. While at an Antique fair in Warrenton, Tx, looking at costume jewelry and “picking out” my future engagement ring, he told me he thought he found one I liked. As I turned around to check it out, there he was on his knee, asking me to be his forever birthday present! I was in shock! I thought the ring he was holding was one of the costume rings… but it had no signs of wear and tear and no stretchy band. It was real! Of course once I grasped reality, i said yes, ugly cried and couldn’t stop looking at my new ring! but most importantly, I couldn’t stop looking at the smile on my new fiancée’s face. You see, 3 years ago, in the same spot, he gave me a commitment ring and pledged to be my Godly husband until he could be my earthly husband. 3 years ago, I agreed to walk through life and choose Cody, every day. And we’ve never looked back!

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Special Thanks

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