Britta and Ryan

how we met

We first met at a surprise birthday party for Britta’s roommate that was hosted at her apartment! I held the door open for Ryan and later he came up to me and introduced himself; little did he know that I actually lived in that apartment. At the end of the night, when Britta said, “You’re always welcome over!”, Ryan took it quite literally. We came to realize we were both involved in the same campus ministry! Shortly after we met the first time, Ryan started conveniently showing up in Britta’s life in the next week and it wasn’t long until he asked her out on a date :)

how they asked

Ryan had been scheming for a couple months with Britta’s roomies on how they could catch her by surprise and pull off the perfect proposal. Ryan had her roommates announce that they wanted to plan a surprise picnic for the roommate who had been gone all summer working at a Bible camp (same roommate whose surprise party we met at!). Britta agreed that would be a great idea and didn’t think much of it until that day. The day of the proposal, Britta was so busy packing the picnic and planning out the afternoon that she had absolutely no idea she essentially packing her own proposal picnic! After the picnic had been packed, the roommates piled in the car and headed for the park. We even had to make a few detours to stall for time (Britta was so excited that all the roomies were finally back together that she was clueless as to the reason for the detours). Once they arrived to the park, the girls all went and found the perfect spot across the bridge, down by the river. They started their picnic out with a quick prayer and as soon as the prayer was over, all the roommates quickly stood up and began to walk away!! Britta was incredibly confused and even said, “Guys, come back!”. As they started for the bridge, Britta spotted Ryan walking across the bridge. Once she saw him, her heart started beating really fast and she knew this was it!! He came and gave her a note he wrote after they had been dating a month that said he knew he wanted to marry her. As soon as Britta finished reading the note, she looked up to see Ryan down on one knee. They hugged and kissed in excitement and then Ryan pointed out Kellie, our photographer, hiding in the bushes and she had caught it all!! After all the photos had been taken, Ryan and Britta sat down for a little picnic and he gave her an envelope full of letters he had written to her throughout their relationship, it was so sweet. All of Ryan’s top secret planning had paid off!!

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