Britta and Joel


How We Met

We met on a warm September night in Ballard Joel was working at the matador restaurant next door to one of my favorite clubs. Before our first date I almost cancelled, I was unsure about this new person and did not know if we would have anything to talk about or if we would even get along. On our first official date Joel took me to la Isla a Puerto Rican restaurant where he soon learned what a picky eater his future wife would be. We learned that we both had a passion for traveling, food and of course everything Disney.

how they asked

It was a week after my birthday and me and a group of my girlfriends had planned a trip down to Disneyland to celebrate. On the last day of the trip Joel had arranged with one of my best friends Sidney to surprise me at the park. Joel had been following us around the park for about 2 hours trying to find the most perfect spot and just when he was about to pop out and surprise me someone else purposed got purposed to right in front of me.

All of my friends who where now in on the surprise immediately texted him to let him know not to be the runner up proposal and so the hunt for the perfect spot continued. Finally we all went on the ride Storybook land (the one that goes through the whales mouth) and as the boat ride was ending there was Joel was standing on the dock with a shirt that had Minnie mouse that said Mrs. on it. I of course almost jumped off the boat trying to get to where he was standing and jumped into his arms. Joel got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!