Britta and Dan

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How We Met

My parents moved to Jersey Channel Islands in early 2015, and after one short visit in May of that year, I fell in love with Jersey decided to join them. Being a wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon I waited until I had wrapped up my wedding season and then headed to Jersey with 2 suitcases and took up residence on my parents’ sofa in September 2015. I quickly became involved in Freedom, the church my parents had been attending in Jersey…church on Sunday mornings, a Life Group (Bible study) on Tuesday nights, and a weekly ladies’ coffee on Wednesday mornings. Dan’s name was often brought up at the Bible study as he had been a regular attendee before I joined the group, but he was off studying for his final accountancy exams. I returned to the US for Christmas and when I arrived back to Jersey, I met Dan at Life Group the very next day. Dan recalls being very surprised (having never met me before) that I approached him and said, “You must be Dan! I know a lot about you.” I had a feeling that Dan was interested in me, and Dan has since confirmed that he fancied me from that very moment.

A few weeks later, on March 8, 2016 he asked me out on our first date. Dan was unlike anyone I had ever dated before, so while I thought he wasn’t my type, I was intrigued by him and kept agreeing to more and more dates. Over time I realized that he was unlike anyone I had dated before, but for a good reason. He is a true gentleman, and the most kind, considerate, generous and thoughtful man I have ever met. I love the way he pursued, and continues to pursue my heart. I love how we laugh together, cry together, pray together, walk together and adventure together, and I am so looking forward to a lifetime of that with him!

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how they asked

Britta: Dan took Friday, March 3rd off work to “spend the day” with me, but when he didn’t show up until 1pm, I was upset because we had already lost half the day.

Dan: What she didn’t realize is that I had arranged to Skype her dad who was in Bangkok on a business trip to ask him for her hand in marriage, but her dad was stuck in meetings and almost two hours late for our call. Two days later, I told Britta that I would be taking Wednesday and Thursday, March 8th and 9th off work – once again to spend some time with her.

Britta: I couldn’t understand why he would take those two days off rather than a Monday/Tuesday or a Thursday/Friday so we could have a long weekend together. He assured me that he had a deadline at work on Friday, but I continued to give him a tough time about it all week regardless. Sarcasm is our love language, after all. When Wednesday, March 8th came around, Dan and I had agreed that he would pick me up at 11:45am from my weekly ladies’ coffee morning. He messaged me around 11:15am to let me know that he was running at least an hour behind schedule and that I would need to find my own way back to town. Once back at my place, I waited impatiently until Dan finally showed up at 1pm. I was even more upset than the previous Friday, and had a good cry about it once we were in Dan’s car. Once I settled down and agreed to make the most of our day together, Dan suggested that we go for a walk.

Dan: It was a wet and windy afternoon, so Britta was quick to let me know how unpleased she was with the idea.

Britta: Dan didn’t seem to pay much attention to my whining and drove us to Gorey harbor – an idyllic row of old shops and apartments set directly below the towering Mont Orgueil castle.

Dan: With much persuasion, I got Britta out of the car and under an umbrella and started leading her up the steep path towards the castle. We crossed the vast lawn in front of the castle to the tune of her complaints of all the mud and wind and rain.

Britta: Once we started descending the stone stairs to the lower lawn, I figured we were walking down to my very favorite place in Jersey – a small, secluded bay just below the castle. After slipping in the mud and nearly falling down the narrow path, I sarcastically pointed down to the bay and said, “Look. There it is. My favorite place in Jersey. Can we leave now?”

Dan: I once again encouraged Britta onwards for the remaining…15 feet. Once we stepped foot on the bay, the rain and wind almost immediately stopped, and she almost immediately turned into a child and began picking up stones, pebbles and sea glass and showing them to me.

Britta: He didn’t seem too amused, and asked twice if we should start heading back to the car, but I was having too much fun and wanted to stay. After 20-30 minutes had passed, Dan finally convinced me to start walking back across the bay. About halfway, he stopped me and gave me a hug and a kiss. Dan asked, “Do you know what today is?” to which I replied, “Yes! It’s International Women’s Day!”

Dan: Her response took me by complete surprise, so I asked, “Do you know what else is important about today?” She didn’t. I told her that, “One year ago to the day, I asked you to go on a date with me…”

Britta: I quickly interrupted, “Oh, yeah! On that note, I was thinking that next Wednesday, one year from our first date, we could go back to the same café and sit at the same table and meet at the same time. It would be so romantic!”

Dan: I agreed, and then decided to start my speech over…“One year ago today, I asked you to go on a date with me. Today, I have an even more important question to ask…” To which I proceeded to go down on one knee and present the ring.

Britta: For me, this is where the details get blurred – probably because I was instantly in tears. I just couldn’t believe that it was actually happening, and I was so overwhelmed with joy. I immediately hugged Dan, pulled him up, and then we both had a good cry together.


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Dan: I asked Britta if she wanted to see the ring, but she wasn’t ready to let go of me yet.

Britta: After we composed ourselves and Dan slipped the ring on my finger, I did what any photographer would do and started taking pictures on my phone of the ring on my hand against the sea, the stones, etc.

Dan: This is where I gently directed her attention to the photographer I had in place the whole time, who had been hiding amongst the bushes on the path behind us, capturing the moment.

Dan: Thank you, Poppy, for capturing our memories so perfectly!

Britta: Yes, and thank you for waiting so patiently in the bushes while I played with pebbles and stones!

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Special Thanks

Paulo at Hettich Jewellers
 | Engagement ring design assistance and purchase
Poppy Larbalestier
 | Photographer