Britt and Staton

How We Met

I met Staton at mine and his little sister’s cheerleading competition in 2005 when I was 14 years old and he was 15. Attending the competition was part of his punishment after being grounded (because being surrounded by thousands of cheerleaders is torture for a teenage boy – LOL). Our connection was instantaneous and after just 2 days, I knew Staton would always be special to me. We eventually lost touch, dated other people, and didn’t talk for about 6 years. As those years passed, people always told me that he still adored me and I felt the same. After ending my last long term relationship, Staton came blazing back into my life and it was as if no time had passed; we picked up right where we left off.

how they asked

It had been 3 months since we left our boring hometown, so I decided we should spend Halloween weekend at Staton’s parents’ vacation home in Ruidoso, NM. After major procrastination on Staton’s part, we left late Thursday evening and arrived in Ruidoso around 11pm. Upon arrival, Staton blindfolded me and said he had a surprise. Any girl would have a clue about what might be happening at this point, right? The thought never crossed my mind because my birthday was coming up on November 5th. Staton’s trembling hands took mine and led me up the stairs, through the house that smelled of cinnamon (our favorite), and out to the heated balcony. He asked me to remove the mask and I finally realized what was happening. He was down on one knee, surrounded by dozens of white candles and rose petals, offering me the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. I glanced over to see a beautifully decorated table with two white pumpkins that had the precious words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ carved into them. My eyes met Staton’s and he asked, “Will you officially be mine forever?” On my favorite month, overlooking my favorite scenery, and right before one of my favorite holidays I said ‘yes’ to the love of my life. The night was a romantic fairytale.

Image 1 of Britt and Staton

Image 2 of Britt and Staton