Britt and Preston

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How We Met

Only twenty years late – my kindergarten crush finally admitted he liked me back, and in exchange for making me wait so long, he’s giving me his last name.

Too many years after losing touch with the cutest boy in our elementary school he finally reached out to me, and instantly found the way to my heart – complimenting my dog.. just like that he won me over. A year and a half later I found myself more in love with him then my four-year-old self would ever imagine.

how they asked


I have always had an obsession with porch swings, sadly our current home doesn’t have a porch. Luckily for me, he surprised me last summer by building me my very own swing in the woods, coincidently at the same place, we had our first date. It quickly became our favorite place.

The happiest day of my life started the second he walked me down the snow-covered path in the woods, lined with candle-filled lanterns and leading directly to our swing. It took a moment to clue in but the second he got down on one knee I begged him to get back up so I could kiss him.

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