Britt and JD

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How We Met

JD found me on, however, I wasn’t a subscriber at that point and had no idea that he was trying to contact me. JD was adamant about meeting me (what a stud) – so he did what any decent man would do and stalked me online! Soon enough, I had this email come through my website contact:

“Hey, This is a little crazy but I’m going for it. I found your profile on Match and sent you a message but then my subscription ended thus eliminating any way of me knowing if you responded. My curiosity got the best of me and found your website – which is incredible!
I debated even reaching out but life’s too short and you seem really great. I’d love to call you and take you out sometime – let me know what you think!”

I took him up on it. And some would say the rest is history.

how they asked

It was my birthday and it never even crossed my mind that he would propose. Christmas was fast approaching (my favorite holiday) and his parents who live out of state were coming to visit, so I had convinced myself that it was going to happen then.

It was a Monday – I had gotten off work, but JD hadn’t. My best friend Laura had asked to take me out for donuts in the morning. Upon arriving at the donuts shop (late, because I insisted on curling my hair) – JD was there to surprise me. He handed me the first of many envelopes (& gifts) taking us on various adventures together throughout the day. We hit up all my favorite places: Bogart’s donuts, Starbucks, we went ice skating, and walked through the Macy’s Christmas display. Before we headed to dinner – JD insisted we head back to his place.

It was cold and I had been wearing a hat – JD knew that he couldn’t propose to me with a hat on and that I wouldn’t be happy with hat hair in all our photos. So after a quick touch up with dry shampoo – we headed to dinner. (I still had no clue or idea what was happening).

We went to our favorite pizza place and JD barely touched his food. I was convinced and worried that he was getting sick! After assuring me he was fine, we drove to one of our favorite parts of town – Eat Street. My favorite restaurant is there, but it’s closed on Mondays…. so as we drove by, I remember telling him how I wish The Copper Hen was open and we could have dessert there! Not having a clue, JD parked the car and we headed straight for Copper Hen. I kept trying to remind him that they were closed on Mondays, but it was almost as if he wasn’t even listening. We get to the door and he just opens it! I (right next to the closed sign) tell him we can’t go in and that nobody is going to be in there.

He finally got me in the door and I see this little set up of cupcakes & champagne sitting on the bar. Still thinking this was a birthday surprise… we sit down and dig into our dessert & bubbly. After a few minutes, JD hands me (yet again) another card & gift. This one reads “I’ve saved the best gift for last.” I rip a small amount of wrapping paper and realize it’s a Letterfolk letter board and all I see at first is the question mark.

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I panic in the best way and realize, THIS IS IT. One of our favorite photographers jumps out from the back kitchen and before I know it, JD is down on one knee, we’re both sobbing and he tell’s me he can’t imagine life without me and asks me to be his everyday, forever.

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We held each other for a long time, taking in every bit of the moment. Shortly after, I tell him this has got to be the last of the surprises, as my heart couldn’t take anymore. He said “yes.” However, 45 minutes later I was shocked to walk into a living room surprised by my family and the majority of our closest friends. It was a dream.

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Special Thanks

The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen
 | Location & Dessert
Lauren Kirkbride
 | Photography