Britt and Elliott

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park in front of the Bow Bridge

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Saturday, December 9th, was the first snowfall of the year and Elliott and I were headed to the spa. The snow was absolutely breath taking. After our massages, we enjoyed the outdoor hot tubs, then got ready to head into Central Park for our brunch at Tavern on the Green. As you could imagine, I was beyond relaxed and couldn’t wait to enjoy the rest of our day together. When we got to the restaurant, I reached into my pocket to take a picture of the beautiful decorations and realized that I had left my cell phone in the taxi cab! Still relaxed and completely zen from the massage, I wasn’t worried about getting my phone back–but it was all Elliott could think about. We signed into Find my iPhone… and waited. We enjoyed a glass of champagne at the bar and shortly after, we were sat at our table. Moments after we ordered our food, Elliott’s phone rang–it was a passenger who found the phone in the back of the cab! Elliott spoke to the driver and convinced him to bring the phone back to Tavern on the Green. We were so thrilled and ready to go back to enjoying our day! After our delicious steak and eggs (and bottle of champagne), we walked outside.

The snow was more breathtaking than before! We hailed down a taxi bike and asked him to take us to Bow Bridge. Elf has always been one of my favorite movies and I was super excited to be in the mixed of a few Elf’s scenes! As we walked towards the Bow Bridge, Elliott took out his phone and went to take a selfie. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the selfies, but when you’re in Central Park, you need a REAL photo! I saw this woman with a beautiful camera and said to Elliott “Would it be weird if I asked that woman over there to take a picture of us and have her email it to me?” and he quickly said yes and proceeded to stretch out his arm to try to get a good picture of us with the bridge background. After the photo, he looked at me and started to say “Thinking back to the night you walked up to me with a Bud Light. I didn’t think that would change my life forever…” He reached in his pocket and got on one knee.

The rest is a complete blur! I was so overwhelmed with love that I can barely remember what he said after that! As he put the ring on my finger, I couldn’t control my emotions and the tears of joy just wouldn’t stop. As I wiped my eyes, I said “did you ask my parents?!” Yes. “Do my sisters know?!” yes. “Did they see the ring?!” Yes. I thought, okay phew!, now time to celebrate!! Moments later, the woman with the beautiful camera, walked towards us and Elliott says “she’s with us”. The moment that Kelsey captured was more breathtaking than the snow. The photos say it all–I cannot wait to be the Future Mrs. Bernard and spend the rest of my life with my best friend, Elliott!

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