Engaged in the Domincan Republic: Britt + Brad

Some may find that the “way we met” is unusual, but to us it was magical. Both of us being members of Alcoholics Anonymous, we simply met by the grace of god.

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There was one night that I went to a meeting on the other side of town, where I had never been before. I wasn’t looking for love. So at this meeting, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this cute boy staring over at me and talking with his friends. He totally caught my attention, so I kept staring back as well, but I too was talking with some people I had known. This kept on for a little bit, until I asked myself why isn’t this guy coming up to me? He looked shy, and with me being the complete opposite of shy, I decided to walk over to him. I started out with “hey, I saw you staring at me” and he laughed and smiled. We starting talking about all sorts of things; sobriety, friends, work, everything. It was an instant attraction and from what I could tell, he had so many qualities that I had been searching for in a man.

Brad actually “joked” to his friends that I was going to be his future wife. And, call me crazy but I actually had a feeling that that might become true some day too. It was something about him. He was very different from any guy I had dated – he was the real deal. I never believed in “love at first sight” but when I had met brad, that all changed.

That night, I had gotten his phone number (because to me it was always smarter to get the guys number!). A few days had passed and I couldn’t get him off my mind. He was all that I was thinking about and that was very unusual for me. I didn’t become serious about anyone, mentally, until I had been dating them for awhile, and I ALWAYS had my doubts. So I finally texted him because I could simply not stand it anymore. I said “do you miss me?” And he replied with “Yes!!!!!!!”

I had asked him if he knew who it was, and he knew right away. We kept texting each other, like we never wanted to stop talking. All hours of the day and night. We started going out on dates, and it was extremely cute to me because he was shy. I loved it, because I’m not a shy person. He was beyond handsome, funny, shy, sweet, and such a gentleman. I felt different about this one, way stronger then I’ve felt about anyone in my life. After going out on a few dates, we got pretty serious quickly. And that was so okay by us. We both knew we had the met “one”.Image 2 of Engaged in the Domincan Republic: Britt + BradAfter months of being together and loving every minute, Brad decided to take me on a trip to the Dominican Republic. I was wowed by this. How romantic! We had talked about spending the rest of our lives together from basically the moment we met. Our feelings for each other only got stronger. We were so similar but yet different, so it worked perfectly. We went on our trip and I was not thinking he would propose because we hadn’t gone to look for rings yet (even though he knew exactly what I wanted). I had a feeling he’d do it around Christmas time!

Image 3 of Engaged in the Domincan Republic: Britt + Brad So our second night in the Dominican Republic, he took me to a steakhouse. I got my hair done and got all dressed up, just for fun! He told the hostess our name for our reservation, and she said we didn’t have one. He said “it’s for the gazebo.” I looked at him confused, but not that shocked because he’s always doing romantic things for me. She then realized she made a mistake and took us to a private “tiki” gazebo, with our own private waiter. I still had no clue anything was going to happen. We sit down and I begin telling him how grateful I am that he was in my life, and that I never really experienced true love until I met him (we always talk lovey). I also told him that I couldn’t wait to spend forever with him…and moments later…he got down on one knee! He told me that he brought me to Dominican Republic for another reason. I was amazed, excited, going crazy! I was so happy and blown away. I said yes yes yes!!!

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We kissed, and he put my beautiful ring on my finger. I was beyond excited and surprised. It was the best surprise I could have ever asked for. I thank God every day for bringing me this man in my life. I couldn’t be happier. Every day he seems to amaze me, and like I said before, I can’t wait to spend forever with him.
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