Britny and Caleb

How We Met

Caleb and I met almost nine years ago, while in the eighth grade, through a mutual friend. He and my friend liked each other, and she essentially needed a wing-women for their first time hanging out. The whole entire time I used Caleb’s phone to text one of his friends who I liked (lol). Flash forward two years, while looking through my Myspace friends I stumbled upon Caleb again. My initial thought was wow, he is so much cuter than I remember, not to mention he was always the NICEST guy. Remembering I still had his number, I texted him and he didn’t remember me at all (only mildly embarrassing). Regardless, we continued to talk for the next couple of months and eventually began dating!

Image 1 of Britny and Caleb

how they asked

Every now and then, Caleb and I will take day trips up to downtown Seattle. Well, Caleb began suggesting we were due for one, and obviously I was completely down. On April 30th, 2016, we finally took our trip. We started out the day getting breakfast, going to one of my favorite local coffee shops, then getting myself a manicure, and Caleb a pedicure. I had been trying to convince him for months to get one, so I didn’t really read much into except for that it would finally be a fun first experience for him! We then decided to go to the Seattle Great Wheel on the water. It was the most perfect, sunny Seattle day. While on our way there, a stranger on the street even yelled to Caleb he was the luckiest guy in the world. I just laughed and thought it was the nicest most random thing, to top off this perfect day. We got to the Great Wheel, and were in a cart by ourselves taking pictures at the top of the ferris wheel, when suddenly Caleb says, “I think I’ve made you wait long enough..” and got down on one knee! Holding the most perfect ring, he asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it was real and basically melted into his arms, dropping my phone in the process. He asked if that was a yes and I said yes!

Image 2 of Britny and Caleb