Britni and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met at the most unexpected time. Isn’t that how it always turns out? I was on staff at Pantego Bible Church and trying to run my own wedding planning business – Borrowed & Blue Occasions. Throw all that chaos together and meeting a guy was truly the last thing on my mind. Stephen and I met at a luncheon at the church and I thought he was cute, but didn’t expect to see him again. Little did I know that we would soon be seeing a lot of each other. With the help of some friends, we had just started up a Home Group at our pastors house for young adults and it had just started to gain momentum, when Stephen showed up.

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I was surprised to see him again, but definitely not disappointed. Over the next couple of months we would talk at Home Group and when our friends went out, but I never thought anything would come of it. Around April, we decided to run a 5k with our church and turns out he loved running too!

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After the race, we ended up talking – just the two of us – and it was perfect. I had never felt so comfortable around someone before. We all tried to grab breakfast afterward, but he had to drive to San Antonio – to say I was bummed is a huge understatement.

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Over the next couple of weeks, we would take the time to seek out one another. But, I would be leaving for a trip to Macedonia for half of a month and we didn’t want to commit to anything until I got back. Once I left the country, I knew I would struggle being away from him. We facetimed almost every day and sent pictures all the time. The day after I got back, we went on our first date!! We did all my favorite things, Klyde Warren Park (food trucks — YUM!) and a mani/pedi! I already knew he was a keeper!

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how they asked – her side

I had been waiting, for what felt like FOREVER. Then one night, I thought we were just grabbing dinner with friends and having a game night, but it turned into the best night of my life.

After dinner, we went back to Stephen’s house and he asked me to come check out something downstairs. When I met him down there, the back door was open to his deck and all I could see were candles, photos and flowers. I immediately knew what was about to happen and started crying (the good kind of tears)!

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He pretty much had to drag me outside, because I had frozen up and all I kept thinking was “Pull it together, you will want to remember this!!” He immediately started reading the most heartfelt letter and it reminded me that was the same back porch that we had first talked about our future together. It was the most perfect place!

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I – obviously – said YES! After so much laughter, crying and jumping up and down, we headed to my moms house for, what I thought, was going to be a family party and turned into a huge celebration with our families and closest friends! I thought that the party was the last surprise, but boy was I wrong! As we sat down to tell our friends the story, Stephen handed me an envelope.

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As I opened the envelope, I realized that one of the biggest elements of planning a wedding, was already taken care of. He had booked my dream venue!! We were getting married at The White Sparrow Barn!

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Many people thought that because I am a wedding planner, that I would already have my entire wedding planned, but I knew that it all depended on the man I would spend the rest of my life with. I wanted our wedding to be a representation of who we are together and how to Lord has worked in us. I am so thankful to spend the rest of my life with this man and am so excited for our future together!

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how they asked – his side

On December 19th, I “designed” (told the guys big picture stuff of how I wanted to ring to look) and bought her ring. In the proposal plans, two things were at the top of the list: make it a surprise and have it be just the two of us (plus photographer). The place was going to be my backyard (by ourselves – check), our amazing friends Jordan and Elisabeth were set to capture it on video and get pictures (photographer – check). Now trying to surprise a wedding planner was not going to be easy, but I figured if I could have “plans” that involved other people, she would suspect that given day as the day it would happen.

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When my original day of January 30th fell through, I decided to make February 20th the new date and just fill the month with as many fun plans as I could come up with. Our 6 monthiversay and Valentines Day helped make that less conspicuous. We did iFly, massages, couples mani/pedis, and The Dallas Fish Market. On the 20th, I planned dinner and a game night at my house to throw her off the scent. I picked a niceish restaurant so that she would not change into yoga pants before the proposal and had her dog Jackson already at my house to avoid the need to go back to her place. Well, everything worked out perfectly!

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She was stunned when she realized what was happening. It was as beautiful a moment as I could have hoped for. Our awesome friends captured great pictures and video, we got to celebrate with a semi-surprise engagement party and lastly I got to surprise by having already booked her favorite venue. It was awesome!! Now I am set to marry the love of my life and the person I know God has been preparing me for!

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