Britney and Austin

How We Met

Our story begins almost 9 years ago, in 8th grade English class in August of 2008. We were friends then but nothing more. High school started and we didn’t really hangout much freshman year. Sophomore year began and we started hangout as friends, then baseball season started and he couldn’t be around as often. Being a huge baseball fan and having two brothers that I’ve watched play my whole life, I decided to start going to Austin’s baseball games. Little by little we became closer and closer and eventually began dating the summer before 11th grade and have been together ever sense.

how they asked

Austin has always said that he wanted to buy a boat before we ever got married, so I never thought that an engagement was even possible at this point in life. He had been studying in Charleston for the semester and I was headed to take one of my normal trips down to see him. The Cooper River Bridge Run was happening on the same weekend, so he said we should go eat over towards James Island so that we didn’t hit much traffic with all of the runners. He has some family that lives over that way so he said he was going to text them to see where we should go eat at over there. His cousin responded and said that we should go over and hangout before we went to dinner since we don’t get to see them often.

Proposal Ideas Charleston, SC

Austin said we needed to leave around 4:00 because it would take about 40 minutes to get there. So we left at 4:00, but when we put it in our GPS it only said 25 minutes. (Austin had told both of our families to be there at 4:30) He text his cousin who said he was still getting ready so Austin and I drove around for a little while longer. (Little did I know that he was stalling so that all of our family could get there in time). His cousin’s house has a lot of land and is right on the Wappoo Cut in Charleston, so when we got there his cousin asked if we wanted to walk around and see the area. We walked down to the dock and looked at the water for a little while, then we started walking back up the stairs towards the house. When we got to the top he stopped and grabbed my hands and looked at me and I knew at that moment what was about to happen.

He asked me if he loved me and of course I said yes, then he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. After I said yes and hugged, I heard screaming behind me. I turned around to see both of our families cheering and overwhelmed with joy. After many pictures, we all headed towards downtown Charleston to have dinner where Austin had reserved a room for all of us to eat together. It was everything I had hoped for and more.