Britney and Thomas

How We Met: Thomas and I meet in a fairly unconventional way. My brothers now fiancé Amanda and I had just left a Nicholas Sparks movie (Safe Haven) crying of course, when I saw him walking towards us. I thought nothing of it until Amanda said hello to him. Who would have thought he grew up next door to Amanda and in school with my older brother!

Unfortunately, he had a Britney-n-Thomasgirlfriend with him, so we never saw each other again after that. Months later I received a text from Amanda asking if I remember Thomas, and he just asked permission to talk to me on Facebook. He and his girlfriend had broken up shortly after we first meet and he had remembered me. Of course I eventually said yes!

After playing hard to get talking via message before we decided to meet in person again. The day of the meeting I was so beyond nervous!  I couldn’t remember a time where I was more nervous!

I remember talking with my brother about it, and all he could say was “Thomas is a great guy, I have known him for years, you will be fine!” So I drove over to the restaurant, and I remember once I saw him, all my nervousness went away.

When I parked, I got out of the car and went over to give him a great big hug. Thomas said he had been so nervous too, but seeing me get out of the car with a big smile and hug ready, he knew that was it. We ended up closing the restaurant down that night. The waitress even went home before us. But from that moment on we were inseparable. Became best friends, and now we are ENGAGED!!!

how they asked:The second date we had ever been on was Skinner Mountian, in Amherst Ma. We spent a large part of the day hiking up the mountain and walking around Northampton Ma after. We eventually even had our first kiss there. So naturally it is a very special spot to us. After two years of dating the topic of marriage most certainly had come up. But I figured with the stress of me buying my first home it would be later on. For weeks I had been putting clues together that Thomas had been acting weird. But I didn’t think anything of it.


One day one of my best friends and I were planning a trip to the Brimfield Flea Market with her fiancé and Thomas. Out of the blue she asks if we could stop at Skinner Mountain on the way to see the views. I of course said YES but I would have to ask Thomas, because he would know how to exactly make the trip on the way. The day of was going as normal as ever.

A few things made me wonder why he was acting weird, but thought nothing of it. We drove to the top of the mountain, and we’re just taking pictures. While we are there we always have to go to our spot. The spot we had our first kiss. So I suggested we go. While walking I noticed my friend and her fiancé falling behind with there phones ready.  I said “what is going on guys?” They responded with “we are just getting ready for the views” before I knew it we were on our spot, all alone.

I looked over to find my friends and as I was turning around Thomas was on one knee grabbing my hand. I wish I could remember exactly all the words he said to me. But at the end of the day, I said YES! Thomas had been putting this trip together, and designing the perfect ring since January! He had gotten my friends phone numbers and had been planning them to take pictures.

The best part I believe is the fact the middle diamond on the ring was his grandmothers. He had put in some much time planning, designing the rest of the ring, asking my dads permission. It couldn’t have been any better.