Britney and Taylor

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How We Met

Taylor and I met years before we even started dating. We both have very different “How You Met” stories, but they both revolve around the same location, Lake Eufaula. I was at the lake hanging out with my cousin Josh and his girlfriend at the time and I had a couple of my guy friends with me and I remember going over to Josh’s friend’s lake-house to hang out. I remember being on the boat stopping by this house and a bunch of people were out in the water floating. We asked them if anyone wanted to go out with us and I remember this guy walking through the water towards the boat and he had this fat visor on and I just remember thinking how fratty this guy looked. He got on the boat with us and we didn’t say a single word to one another, until we stopped to get in the water, and no words turned into about two words. Haha I just remember what a great personality he had and how funny he was. It took about 6 months before I reached out to him and it took even more time for us to become an official couple! Ever since that day in January 2016 when I shot him that text, we’ve talked every single day and on March 10, 2017 he asked me to be his wife!!

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how they asked

I’m a member of Delta Gamma at the University of Oklahoma and it was my little’s senior year of college, so she texted me and asked me if I could take a couple of pictures with her when she was doing her graduation photos! I got really excited, because I love her and started asking what I should wear, etc. She said that she needed to get her nails done and invited me to come along and I would never refuse that. She told me that we would be meeting the photographer on the North Oval at 6pm and that she was going to be a tad late and that I needed to be there around 6pm so that the photographer wouldn’t think she wasn’t going to show, so I was a little annoyed but agreed to go early. I pull up to park, and I look over to my left towards the Spoonholder and to my surprise Taylor is standing in the center waving me over to him! I was excited, because I thought he just wanted to surprise me by coming to Norman to hang out since he lived in OKC.

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I literally had no idea what was coming my way. I walk up to him and in his left hand I see a black ring box (he totally forgot that you’re supposed to put it in your pocket or something). In my mind, I totally started to freak. I walk up, take his hands and start listening as he makes his proposal. I can honestly say that I don’t remember half of it because it was all such a rush! I said YES and shed a few tears and then immediately asked if I was still taking pictures with my little Kaci. Haha I turn around and there she is standing with one of my best friends Kim, who drove all the way up from Houston to take photos and be there with me!

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After the proposal, he had some pizza waiting in the car and said that we should all go to this popular restaurant/bar called the Mont! Of course, I was down for a couple of swirls on the patio and as we walk around the corner of the building we’re welcomed with cheers and hugs from all of our families and friends!! Ending the night with our people made the night even more special for us and we cannot wait for our wedding on November 10, 2018!!

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