Britney and Richard

Image 1 of Britney and RichardHow we met: My fiance Richard and I actually met on Facebook. Yes Facebook! We only had one mutual friend who was actually my neighbor. I had just been scrolling around and saw him and was like “WOW HE IS CUTE” but with no intention on actually trying to talk to him at all.

So its November 2010 and there was this number game going on and I guess he had notice me and decided to send me a number saying, “Do I know you in real life?” and after that we started talking regularly and skyped and then he asked me out to coffee.

I was a bit nervous cause I was like I hope he is not crazy but he was so opposite, Richard was the perfect gentlemen, God fearing man, and everything I never thought I would actually like which what was mad us perfect together. It was a definite that God had hand picked him just for me.

how they asked: It was our 3 year anniversary and we didn’t really have plans cause we are both young adults we have something called “THE STRUGGLE” haha.

He is a college student and I work in the Fashion industry. So we are always doing what we can with the little we have, but anyways we were celebrating our 3years of love together and decided to just catch a movie and relax and just talk about our 3 years and cuddle and drink hot chocolate.

So after spending the day together we went back to his Grandmas house and we were watching a movie (Bride wars), just laughing and saying how I would totally be like that and how I cant wait till its our turn.

He walked away for a moment and came back and was being awkward.

Suddenly he got on one knee said my full name and asked me to marry him!! ( I SAID YES!!) and cried!! haha. It was just me and him, very intimate and a memory that I would have only wanted to share with him with no other distractions afterwards.

I am so thankful for the man God has made just for me and these past years haven’t been perfect but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them and more with anyone else.

Image 2 of Britney and Richard


It couldn’t have been more perfect!!