Britne and Dylan

Where to Propose in On Panama City Beach

How We Met

We met through friends and hadn’t talked in 2 years and I asked him to go to the beach with me and after that we were inseparable! We tell each other everything and we can’t stand not being around each other! It’s been over a year now and Christmas will be a year and a half.

Britne and Dylan's Engagement in On Panama City Beach

How They Asked

He asked while we were on our 2nd Panama Beach trip on my birthday. I had bought a pearl necklace (the kind you open the clam up yourself) and I went to rinse my hand off in the ocean and I gave him the pearl to put in the necklace. Well, when I came back to sit with him he asked if this (my ring) was supposed to be on it. I almost didn’t recognize it, I hadn’t seen it in years since my great-grandmother died. So it took a second for me to realize what he was doing and when I did I more than likely looked crazy. But we have been going strong ever since.