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We were on vacation before a friend’s wedding in Germany. Before the trip, we discussed visiting another country and agreed on Ireland. Neither of us had been there and Chris had never been outside of the U.S. We were excited and nervous for our first big trip together as a couple. We landed in Ireland around 7 am their time and spent the day sightseeing. Since we had been up over 24 hours due to the flight and time change, we hit a wall around 8 pm and went to sleep. Around 9:30 pm, Chris awoke startled.

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He tried to wake me up saying that it was morning because it was still light outside (Dublin is pretty far north and it doesn’t get dark until much later than at home in Nebraska). He was worried that we had missed our castle tour the next day. I assured him that it was night time and got him back to bed. It was clear that he had panicked but I didn’t suspect anything. The next day, we woke up and went on the Malahide castle tour. Chris was excited to try out the drone he purchased before the trip and wanted to take it up to look at the castle. I made him ask for permission as the rule follower I was.

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They said no. Chris was disappointed but I encouraged him to take it up when we got to the coast. We got to the coast that afternoon and were starving. Then it started raining. We were ill prepared without umbrellas or raincoats and I was starting to get upset. I was hangry and we couldn’t decide where to eat. We finally got to a cafe and ordered our meal. Chris commented on the rain and seemed to be in no hurry to leave the cafe.

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He likely drank about a gallon of water at lunch. Finally, the clouds cleared and we stepped outside to see the breathtaking Irish Coast and Ireland’s Eye. Chris wanted to take the drone up and I agreed to take pictures. When the drone went up, he got down on one knee, capturing our proposal and stunning me. This was the greatest gift to share with our family back home as we couldn’t call and tell them. Of course, I said yes!

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