Bristol and Luke


How We Met

It was a typical Saturday night, or so I thought! I was hanging out with a friend, and we had plans to watch a movie. It was late and we didn’t feel like making a trip to the video store so we decided to watch something we had at home. After getting settled with snacks, etc. starting the movie and getting about 15 minutes in we decided we’d seen this film way too many times already and went to the video store anyway!

As we entered, my friend noticed a friend from high school and went over to say hi. I started to browse, but after 15 minutes I became bored and went to stand near my friend til their conversation was over. I stood quietly, taking in every detail of the handsome stranger! Thinking he was the best looking guy I’d ever seen, I was shocked when he reached out his hand and introduced himself! I was immediately impressed with his firm handshake, warm smile and kind brown eyes. We talked just a few more minutes before heading our separate ways but for the rest of the night I could not stop thinking about him.

I decided to friend him on Facebook, which was a huge step for me since I never add people I don’t know! I figured we had mutual friends so it wouldn’t be too obvious! He accepted right away, and commented on my status. I messaged him, he asked for my number and 13 short days later we started dating!

how they asked

Luke had just joined the military, a life long dream of his and I was excited to support him even though I knew it would mean 5+ months apart during his training with little communication. Time flew by and before I knew it we were down to our last weekend together. Luke had training all day Saturday in preparation for leaving Monday and I couldn’t wait to see him after and hear all about it! He called me as soon as it was over and we made plans to meet for coffee and a walk, a near nightly ritual for us. As I pulled up to his house he came running out to greet me, still wearing his uniform. It was my first time ever seeing him in it and my eyes filled unexpectedly with tears because all of a sudden I fully realized for the first time that my best friend was leaving for a very long time. He pulled me into a tight hug and held me close for a long time until I composed myself.

I pulled away so I could get a better look, and I’d never seen him look so handsome! (There’s just something about a man in uniform, am I right?!) We headed to the coffee shop and as he drove, he told me every single detail of his day and I was so interested I didn’t even notice where we were headed til we got there. We arrived at the park where we took our very first walk, back before we even started dating. I thought nothing of it though, we’d been back a few times since and I assumed he wanted to visit once more before leaving. We started down the trail with our fingers intertwined.

IMG_20150418_230854-1We hadn’t made it very far at all before Luke was down on his knees, much to my surprise! I tried so hard to slow down and focus on what he was saying but my heart was racing and I couldn’t believe this was really happening! He said a million sweet things and then told me that life with me was his greatest adventure and asked me to marry him! I was crying again (happy tears!) and barely choked out a yes before pulling him to his feet so I could hug him! I held on for a long time before he finally asked if I was going to look at the ring! I looked down and saw the most beautiful sparkly ring I’d ever seen, everything I’d dreamed of and more! He asked me if wanted to take a selfie, much to my surprise since he hates having his picture taken but he assured me we’d want to have one! I cherish that picture so much! As we walked back to the car I was on cloud nine, and even more so after he revealed that he had asked my Dad’s blessing to marry me the night before!

We survived our time apart, and the day he came home was one of the happiest days of my life!!! We got married in October on a perfect Autumn day, (Luke wanted to get married in the fall since that’s when we met and fell in love!) and I’ve never been happier!