Briseida and Jameel

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How We Met

The year was 2013 when I was at work and a car accident happened outside of my job. Jameel, a Houston Police Officer, shows up and asked me if I saw what happened. We then had a small talk and he left. Fast forward about six months, another accident happened outside of my job again. Jameel shows up again and we begin to talk. He then starts showing up more often to talk. In the summer of 2014, we began to start dating. He asked me to be his girlfriend 12-13-14 and I said yes.

How They Asked

Each year we would always go out to celebrate our yearly anniversary. So when he asked me out for a date on 12-15-18, I thought it was going to be a simple dinner for our anniversary, and I was wrong. He didn’t tell me where we were going. I was just told to wear heels. We then showed up at the West Houston airport for a helicopter ride. We went for a helicopter ride around the city. After the helicopter ride, he asked me to wait outside to take selfies in front of the helicopter while he went to use the restroom.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in West Houston Airport

Briseida and Jameel's Engagement in West Houston Airport

As I’m standing there waiting for him to come back from the restroom I hear the hanger door open and I turn around to see him standing there holding two dozen roses and rose petals in shape of a heart by his feet. After sharing very sweet words with me he gets down on one knee and asks “will you marry me?”

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