Brionna and John

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How We Met

John and I met through mutual friends the summer after high school graduation. From the moment we met, we were drawn to each other. We started dating that summer, and shortly after, he joined the Air Force, and I went off to college at Arizona State University. We dated long distance for a while, but we were so fortunate when John was relocated to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona about a year ago. We are back in our home state together, closer to our families, and it felt like the perfect time for us to officially start our lives together!

how they asked

What started off as an average day would soon turn into one of the biggest days of our life (until the wedding, of course). We drove from Phoenix to our hometown of Prescott for the holidays. We arrived to my Mom’s house, unpacked, and settled in for the week. My Mom is a photographer, and she had told me she was taking holiday photos for a friend that afternoon. She left for her photoshoot, and as I was just settling in for the night, John asked me if I wanted to go downtown to check out the Christmas lights. Although I was pretty cozy and content with staying in for the rest of the night, I agreed, and we jumped in the car.

After we parked, we started walking towards the courthouse downtown, which is always adorned in Christmas lights and decor each year. It is one of my favorite places in the world, it’s absolutely magical at night! As we rounded the last corner, I noticed a heart made of candles on the ground. I asked “Why are there a bunch of candles on the ground?” and at that moment, I knew. I immediately started crying as John lead me to the foot of the steps. One of our favorite songs “She’s Got This Thing About Her” by Chris Young softly played in the background, and then my man got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife.

An eruption of applause broke out, and I turned around and realized John had invited both of our families to be witness to our engagement! It was so special to have our parents, siblings and closest friends share such a special moment with us. Oh, and my Mom’s photoshoot? Well it turned out to be of our engagement. All photo credit goes to Mom & her assistant (my twin brother).

As if all of this wasn’t perfect enough, John had one more surprise in store… He made reservations for everyone to have dinner together right across the street after the proposal. We ended the night with pasta, wine, and toasts to happily ever after!

Special Thanks

Bobbi Lindemuth
 | Photographer