Brinkley and Justin

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How We Met

Its early September 2012, I was a new hire at the Missouri History Museums at a ticket desk waiting for the guests to arrive for the day. Bored senseless I was intrigued by the fuzzy haired boy wheeling in a large electrical box, which he parked just five feet from my side. “Can I borrow a pencil?” he asked after searching through his pile of jazz CDs and wires.I looked up to find the boy’s eyes are a handsome shade of blue and his smile is genuine and warm. It took me three days of events to work up the courage to ask his name, it was Justin. Fast forward weeks of conversations passed across that 5 foot space, sneaking down to the auditorium to “accidentally” run into him to defend my lack of interest in reggae music, him teasing me about the multitude of movies I “should have seen by now” and how he’d love to experience them with me. One day he stopped me on the stairs after the museum had been locked up to talk and an hour later we both agreed we should get a drink soon and talk about our Halloween plans. He enthusiastically stated “I’ll call you” and began to walk away. I was on cloud nine until I realized one important thing..”YOU DON’T HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER!” We’ve been together over four years now and i’m happy to say he now has my phone number memorized and I’ll soon be stealing his last name.

how they asked

3 Years & 9 Months to the day he took me on our first date for pizza and a pint that same fuzzy haired boy took me on a vacation to Cape Cod. We’d been on many adventures (to the Cape twice but this one was special as Justin had a secret). He’d made special plans for the funky band Galactic to play our song, “Into The Deep We Go”, and for him to propose at the famous Newport Jazz Festival….except..that didn’t happen. The concert concluded without our love song and my poor romantic had to think on his feet. The concert had been amazing and I couldn’t wrap my head around why he was so upset. After driving 3 hours around the Cape he finally stopped in Hyannis at the Artists Pier. Twinkle lights were just starting to shine in the trees and a light music wafted off a cruise ship coming into port. For the past three years we’d always taken a picture in the same spot under those lanterns and he wrapped me in the same hug we always do before we take our selfie. “We will get a picture but first….” and he dropped to a knee. I was so surprised that I nearly fainted off the pier and I was lucky he was there to catch me, just as he’s always caught me during the most challenging parts of my life. I, thankfully, said yes and the whole pier started to clap as I realized I was going to marry my best friend.

Special Thanks

Sheila Dugopolski
 | Photographer