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How We Met

I remember when Alex first moved to Frisco, I was in 7th grade and he was in 8th. All of the 7th and 8th grade girls thought him and his brother were the hot new boys at school. We also happened to live in the same neighborhood, so I would occasionally see him around there as well. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school and his senior year that we officially met. I remember I had a class with his friend and I had told him my birthday was coming up, so when his friend saw me in the hallway he yelled “happy birthday!” and Alex happened to be walking with him and said it to me as well. I was kind of taken aback, since we didn’t actually know each other, but I thought he was super cute, so I blushed and told them both “thank you”. He’s going to be embarrassed that I am writing this next part, but it’s one of my fondest memories.

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A few days after my birthday I received a message on Facebook from ‘Alex Kellum’, I remember feeling my heart pounding thinking about why this cute, older boy would want to talk to me. (Side note: I had just celebrated my 16th birthday and got a car. It was a 2000 Ford Mustang convertible and my dad had “Brii’s Mustang” put on the sides of the car.) I finally got the courage to open the message and it read, I kid you not, “name on car=swag”. I’m sure the minute he hit send he was thinking “what have I done? I sound so stupid”, but I was just so excited to talk to him that I continued on the conversation.

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We talked back and forth on Facebook for about a week about how I still had a week until I got my driver’s license and he also would send me encouraging quotes for the day each morning. I told him I needed him to send the quotes to me every morning and he said “hmmm, using Facebook is quite a hassle”. Then I said “well, I have this thing called a phone where cute boys can text me”, and gave him my phone number. If this does not scream high school flirting, then I don’t know what does.

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Fast forward to about 3 months later: I was a varsity cheerleader and he was a varsity football player. Once we started talking more I would write his jersey number on my face and we would always wave to each other from the sidelines. Whenever he would score a touchdown he would look over to me and point, I was definitely head over heels at this point. We went 4 rounds deep in playoffs that year. While I was riding the bus to the game, I was texting him and he called me “cupcake”, I said something about him making up a nickname for me and he said “after tonight I’ll have a new nickname for you”.

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I just about screamed because I knew he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend that night. We ended up losing the game, so he didn’t get to ask me to be his girlfriend the way he wanted, which was by writing “girlfriend?” on a football then throwing it to me once the game ended. Instead, we met at the middle of the field and through tears running down his face, he asked. We’ve been dating for a little over 5 years now. We have created a lot of memories with one another and have gotten to basically grow up together. It’s been amazing to watch our relationship become rooted in Christ and watch him grow as a man of integrity and faith. .

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how they asked

Anyone that knows Alex knows that he is the kind of guy to be over the top and go all out to make me feel special. He asked me to prom by taking me to Reunion Tower, which is a focal point in Downtown Dallas, and having lights spelling out “Prom?” that could be seen from inside the restaurant. He asked me to homecoming by climbing onto a billboard and hanging up a sign that he made, while there was 15 mph winds. With these over the top “proposals”, everyone expected nothing less for the real deal. And let me tell you, he did everything and more for that. I would occasionally drop small parts of a checklist to Alex that I wanted for whenever he proposed. My nails being done was a must, I wanted friends and family to witness, I wanted someone to secretly be documenting the moment, and I wanted him to incorporate the Bible. In my mind all of these things were going in one ear and out the other, but little did I know he was actually keeping note of every single thing. He graduated in December of 2016 and moved back home from Lubbock to Dallas to get a job.

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Before I left to head back to Lubbock we went and looked at some rings so he could have an idea of what I liked. I had actually found a ring that I fell in love with online from a designer in New York, but I knew that was not realistic, so while we were looking I tried finding rings that were similar to that. I honestly thought we were doing this more for fun, I didn’t know that the proposal would be happening this year. We’ll go ahead and fast forward to March of this year when my sorority hosted a family weekend. My parents and him traveled to Lubbock and spent the weekend with me. This next part is important. We were at the family weekend banquet and I was speaking on stage as I was the Vice President for the past year. I was explaining to all the parents what an engagement circle was and how much I loved them and that I was waiting for mine to happen soon and proceeded to point at Alex. I did this jokingly, but the day before, we went to eat with one of my good friends (future bridesmaid) and while I was away from the table he told her he was planning on proposing Easter weekend while I was home. Joke was on me!!!

The week leading up to the engagement I was telling my friends that the proposal would probably happen during the summer because he had about half the money he needed for the ring saved up. A couple weeks before, he would tell me random little things were happening that was basically keeping him from being able to propose, so I would get a little discouraged and tell my friends, they would just act like they were sad even though they actually knew it was happening soon. About two weeks out from the engagement he told me his work was hosting an Easter egg hunt for kids at the Dallas Arboretum and asked me if I wanted to volunteer. I jumped at the opportunity because I love that place (I’m a horticulture major). I told him we should have my parents join and bring my niece, too. He sent me an email with an invitation to the Easter egg hunt, so I forwarded it to my parents seeing if they wanted to join.

The email he sent me looked like it had been forwarded from his boss which had also been sent to all the employees at his job. I travelled to Dallas for Easter weekend and the night before the ‘Easter egg hunt’ my mom and I went to get our nails done (the appointment had been scheduled for 2 weeks), there’s nothing strange about this because my mom and I get our nails done every time I go home. It was pretty funny though, because after my nails were done I didn’t really like them and told my mom that before I get proposed to she better make sure my nails look perfect. The morning of the proposal, my mom and I went and bought a dress for me to wear because it was supposed to be Easter Sunday attire, still nothing strange about this in my mind. I wasn’t going to fix my hair that much or put on much makeup, but my mom basically told me not to scare the kids, LOL.

Before we left the house, my mom was on the phone with my older brother arguing with him. I asked her what was going on and she told me that him and his family had just gotten back from San Antonio and were too tired to go to the Easter egg hunt. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and it’s just an Easter egg hunt, we would see them on Easter. I still had no idea what is actually going on. Alex’s best friend rode with us to the Arboretum because he needed volunteer hours for his new job (Alex was already at the place setting up for the ‘Easter egg hunt’). We got to the Arboretum and Alex was on the phone with Parker (the best friend that rode with us) directing him to where he was at. We finally got to the location, but the whole time I was searching for a green tent with his works logo on it. I saw Alex on the other side of a bridge, but all I saw was his upper body and it appeared that he was bending over, so I thought he was picking up an Easter egg or something. My parents, Parker, and I walked down a path where I almost completely tripped and fell (luckily my dad grabbed my arm in time). Then we got to the specific garden where this event was taking place and I went ahead and walked first and did not even notice Parker and my parents run away. I saw Alex at the back of the enclosure with a path leading to him. I looked over to the side and noticed a guy videoing and that is when it hit me that he was proposing.

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He had 5 signs with a bible verses on them for each year we have been dating and pictures from each year on the signs. “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz was playing and he had pillows, flowers, and a blanket set up. The minute I started walking down the path I bawled (it was a fear of mine I wouldn’t cry at the proposal, because I don’t cry often).

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Neither one of us can remember exactly what he said and we can’t remember me actually saying yes, but luckily we have a video where you can see me say it. After he hugged me he pointed off to the bridge and all of our friends and family were standing there watching the whole thing unfold.

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Not only did he do this at a place that I am in love with, since I am a horticulture major and wanting to be a florist; but he made sure to incorporate each thing I desired into the proposal, which made it extremely special and a day I will never forget. I got my ring by spring, y’all!

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