Brigitta and Chris

How We Met

Brigitta: Chris and I met in high school at the age of 15. Growing up in the same town in Ontario, we shared mutual friends but only saw each other on occasion. I had an instant crush on him, but he was always crushing on somebody else. Chris played on the high school hockey team and towards the end of the school year, my friends and I were invited to one of their parties. That’s where I took a chance that would ultimately last a lifetime as we shared a kiss at the end of the night. Fast forward a few months to June 24th, 2008, I came home to a yellow rose and a letter at my front door that contained a hand-drawn map that I was supposed to follow. It led me to a park where I found Chris holding the remaining 11 yellow roses. That was the beginning of our love story.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hiking Trail at Sea to Sky Gondola - Squamish, BC.

After graduating high school in 2010, we spent the next seven years in a long distance relationship. I went away to University for four years while Chris remained at home to play hockey to try to obtain a scholarship. Chris would come, see me once or twice a month when he had a few days off from his hockey schedule. In my final year of University, Chris had the opportunity to play in New York for the Oswego State Lakers.

Brigitta and Chris's Engagement in Hiking Trail at Sea to Sky Gondola - Squamish, BC.

The distance between us grew to a four-hour drive and it put our relationship to the test. We navigated completely different lives as I focused on my career growth and Chris continued his education and played hockey. Long distance wasn’t the easiest, there were a few hiccups, but it allowed us to grow independently and understand what we had in each other. I visited Chris whenever I had a chance and made sure I always wished him luck before every game. Even though we spent so much time physically apart, we became closer than ever by the time he graduated in 2017.

Brigitta's Proposal in Hiking Trail at Sea to Sky Gondola - Squamish, BC.

Chris and I finally had the chance to experience more things together, without distance being an issue. One of our biggest adventures was backpacking through Europe. We toured castles in Portugal, hiked mountains in Spain, took a train ride through Switzerland and enjoyed endless pizza and gelato in Italy. Traveling became our hobby and we had grown to be the ultimate travel partners.

how they asked

Written by Chris: Earlier this year we had started the process of finding the ideal ring. Together, we went to look at several styles and cuts to see what would suit her best. There was much more to this than I thought… In my mind, I knew that August 2018 was when I would ask her to be my wife. Brigitta’s parents live in Vancouver, British Columbia and we had planned a trip with my whole family to go visit them.

When we arrived in Vancouver, my first challenge was asking her father for permission to take her hand. During a hike, we had a few moments away from the rest of our families where I was able to get the permission I was looking for. I had never seen excitement like that from him. A few days later, we had planned to do a hike to one of our favorite spots. It started with a 3000 ft gondola ride up the side of the mountain; from there, we ventured a steep 1900 ft. up along the northern ridge. There was an incredible viewpoint at tail-end of the hike and I knew our families would want to stop to take pictures. This was it. As Brigitta controlled the camera, I discretely reached into my bag and put the ring box into my pocket. When Brigitta and I posed for a picture with the incredible landscape, I took a knee and held the ring box in my hand.

It was excitement, tears, shock, and awe. Besides my father, my sister, and her father, no one knew that I had the ring let alone was going to propose during this trip. My sister had the camera ready. Brigitta was shaking as I took her hand.

“Brigitta, we’ve climbed a lot of mountains and been on a lot of adventures together, what do you say we start one more? Will you marry me?”

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