Brigham and Shauntay's Romantic Proposal

How we met: Brigham grew up in my best friend Kasandra’s ward and he took her on many dates & thought he loved her over the course of about 4 years all through high school.

We ran into each other almost 2 years later and I thought he didn’t remember who I was. He said “of course I remember you! We have the same birthday!” I was flattered because I had forgotten. I invited him to come to institute with me that evening….. But I got stuck nannying later than I anticipated. So he was at Institute by himself! So he picked me up after Institute and we went to Swig and talked for hours. Mostly about Kasandra… And the next night he surprised me and took me to downtown Salt Lake City and we rode scooters all over the town in the rain. He kissed me two nights later. And I was hooked.

how they asked me:
Friday morning October 3, 2014 I woke up to this on my front porch….

Beautiful Surprise Proposal (6)

With the sweetest letter ever. I bawled as I read it!!  This is the painting he painted of our first date downtown Salt Lake City.

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Once he picked me up, I thought we were going to his mission reunion in Farmington. And then I thought maybe we would go to dinner or something.

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Inside of the card it said-“thanks for coming along tonight. I know you were really looking forward to going to my mission reunion, but there’s been a change of plans. I opened my second gift and it was a flower halo! So darling. Then. We went to The Roof to eat!!!! It was delicious and beautiful. When we were done eating, Brigham got fidgety. He said he needed to go to the bathroom. When he came back, be grabbed my hands & that’s when I realized everyone in the restaurant was looking at us! Then I had an idea something was going on…
Brigham reached into his pocket and said he couldn’t  find his mints!! I thought he was looking for the ring!
I could tell he was getting nervous! Then the blinds started going up and the pianist started playing “happy birthday”…. I was very unsure of what was going on.
Brigham invited us to go on a walk… So we headed downstairs. On the elevator down, a guy said to Brigham, “dude, you blew it! You should have proposed!” I was dying I was so confused.
We walked onto temple square and when we got to the reflection pool, he turned and got down on his knee. He said so many romantic things about how grateful he is to have me in his life. And he put the ring on my finger. I reminded him he forgot to ask me to marry him! He took the ring off and asked me to marry him.
I said yes!!
He said we were going to my parents after. We arrived at market street grill for dessert! We walked in and both of our families were there waiting for us!  He’s my sweetheart and I can’t wait to be married to him for time and eternity.
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Videography by Lexi Gordon