Brienna and Drew

How We Met

Drew and I met one night while I was bartending in a little bar on Cinco de Mayo. I immediately was drawn to him when he walked in the back door and over to a table full of his friends. He must have been drawn to me too, he kept throwing back all his beers so he could talk to his pretty bartender! After my shift I joined him at the bar across the street to have a drink with him, by then he was sloppy drunk and I was pretty skeptical of him..I almost escaped out the back door of the bar at one point! After that night he started to come into the bar every night, he would help me sweep and mop while I counted out the till. After we cleaned up together we would sit in a corner booth and talk until 4 am. I started to fall in love with Drew right in that back corner booth. Within a month we became inseparable, we even moved in together! We’ve grown together and supported each other through career changes and hard times.

How They Asked

After almost 2 years together he finally proposed on the evening of December 14th at the Polar Express Village, Ashley MI. In front of our family and friends, we decided to spend our lives together! We’re looking forward to our October 2020 wedding and following Ireland honeymoon.

Where to Propose in Ashley Michigan

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ashley Michigan