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How We Met

It’s been about 5 years since I first met my Fiancé in high school. At the time he was interested in one of my friends and I had a boyfriend myself so i didn’t think much about him, but as we all spent time together we began to grow a close friendship. Weeks went on and my friend and him decided to not pursue things further and it just so happened I split with my boyfriend at the time. Of course I still was not ready to jump into a new relationship so we just remained friends and I definitely didn’t look at him as a future boyfriend and because we became so close I feared of ruining our friendship, plus i literally saw him as only my best friend! But of course as these stories usually make an unexpected turn, months after continuing our friendship and people pushing me to give him a chance, i finally did! And look at where God has brought us now! ENGAGED!

how they asked

The conversation of marriage had come up often before with one another but I expected maybe another year or two definitely not on November 5th, 2017 (I swore he was going to propose on my birthday or Christmas). Just like any normal Sunday we went to church, but this Sunday he told me he planned a full date night. I’m usually the one to plan date nights so this was special. After church we went to point Orlando to watch Thor: Ragnarok (we’re super hero movie buffs). Upon leaving the theater, we were making our way to Maggianos were our date night would continue. Of course i was complaining to him because my lipstick was worn off due to me stuffing my face with popcorn lol and it wasn’t helping that he had “made reservations” and we were “running late” So as i’m complaining but speed walking around the corner I see my family and friends but l was so confused & it still didn’t hit me that maybe this was THE DAY until I read “ Will you marry me?”.

Then looked at his huge smile as he got on one knee. I always thought I’d see the proposal coming but i swear i had not a clue! It was the most perfect proposal he could have done for me. Especially surrounded by our closest family and friends which is all i ever dreamed of.

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