Brielle and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I met through a mutual friend when we were 21. I was an English major at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) getting ready to head out on winter break when my friend Kelsey asked if I’d be willing to help her old friend Sam, also an English major, who was transferring to Berkeley the next semester. Sam and I met and got to talking, and ended up keeping in touch over winter break while I was visiting my family in Chile. When school started back up, Sam and I met up for lunch with a group of friends and ended up spending the day together. He even offered to help me move my heavy furniture and boxes that same afternoon! We officially started dating right before my 21st birthday – he bought me my first legal drink – and have been together ever since. And our friend Kelsey who introduced us is the maid of honor in our wedding!

How They Asked

When Sam proposed we had been together for almost seven years, and living together for three. We had been talking about getting engaged for a few months so I knew it was coming at some point, and I was *sure* he was going to ask on his family’s annual July camping trip. He knows me well enough, though, to figure out that I had guessed his plan – so he decided to switch things up. We went hiking with a group of friends in Pacifica in June and I thought everyone was acting strangely. Why were our friends carrying big hiking backpacks for a less than two-mile hike? Why was Sam standing on the overlook for 20 minutes instead of moving on?

Sam asked our friends to take a picture of us and, all of a sudden, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was shocked and immediately started sobbing, but somehow managed to squeak out a “Yes!” He proposed with a beautiful diamond from his great grandmother’s ring. Our friends popped bottles of champagne (hence the backpacks) and we celebrated on top of the cliffs. When we got back to San Francisco for dinner, all of our best friends showed up to celebrate with us – Sam had planned a surprise party too!

Now we’re focused on planning our September 2019 wedding in Napa. One of the first decisions we made in the planning process was booking a photographer – which is such an overwhelming process! We lucked out when we found Michelle Angeli. She convinced us to take engagement photos and we’re SO glad we did. She captured our relationship so authentically and in our favorite city, and we can’t wait for her to shoot our wedding!


Special Thanks

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