Brieann and JT

How We Met: Our first meeting was at a church camp back in 2010! JT remembers vividly how beautiful I was and that he was scared to talk to me. Camp ended and we became Facebook friends for the next two and a half years. Freshman year of college rolled around and we both ended up at Texas State! I joined a sorority and made great friends! Every time an event came around I would try to set JT up with one of my sorority sisters. JT and his fraternity brothers started to become friends with my sorority sisters.

Image 1 of Brieann and JT

By sophmore year, they were all great friends! Once I cut ties with my high school boyfriend, JT was there to pounce. Little did I know, JT had been waiting for the opportunity to ask me on a date since freshman year! The rest is history from there!

Image 2 of Brieann and JT

After a couple dates and flower deliveries, I decided that I kind of liked this boy and we became “Facebook official”. After many more dates, memories, and a dog, he decided he couldn’t live without me and asked me to be his wife! Of course, I SAID YES!

Image 8 of Brieann and JT

how they asked: It was truly perfect! JT had been planning with my friends for months to make sure I was off work, in town and etc. He started started off the day by getting my friends to ask me to lunch. There I was given my first note. The note told me how beautiful I was and how JT had planned for my friends to take me to get my nails done. Then, I had a girls day consisting of a mani pedi, shopping, ice cream, and puppies. I returned home later in the afternoon to find another note.

This note was accompanied with a dress JT had picked out and bought himself for me to wear that night. The note told me to put on the dress and my friends would take me to him. The note also had Proverbs 31:25-30 quoted. I then proceeded to get ready with a little help from friends because my hands were shaking so bad! Around 7, I was driven to Mount Bonnell in Austin where I received my third note to meet JT at the top!

This place is significant to our relationship because this is where JT and I had our second date together. During our second date, JT told me that he had once brought his mom up to Mt. Bonnell and told her that one day he’d bring a very important and special girl up here to share the beauty with. After I read my last letter, I climbed the stairs to the top of the mountain and began on a path where JT had placed three bibles for me to find with them opened to significant verses.

At the end of the path JT was standing on rock with a beautiful view in the background and the sun starting to go down. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! Obviously I said yes!

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Photos by: Albert Suarez