Brie and Ryan

Proposal Ideas Nashville Tennessee

How They Asked

Ryan and I had been dating for a little over three years. We were on vacation in Nashville. I had conned him into going to a Jonas Brothers concert with me. We had talked about getting married before, but he kept saying he wasn’t going to propose or he didn’t think I would ever marry him. During our week in Nashville, he spent a lot of time on his phone. I just thought he was disinterested in what we were doing. He decided he wanted to have a “fancy dinner date” the night before the concert. He had mentioned this before we left so I would bring something dressy. I spent a few hours getting ready where he kept rushing me to make sure I wasn’t going to be late.

Our reservations were at 8 but wanted us out of the hotel by 6. I wasn’t sure why, but he kept saying he wanted to take a picture on the pedestrian bridge for Instagram. It was odd because he hates to take pictures but he knows how I am with Insta so I assumed he had just given in. We walked (in 98-degree heat) to the bridge before dinner.

He finally stopped on the bridge and we looked over the water. We were talking and he seemed off, I assumed he was winded from the heat. I told him we were so blessed to be seeing the Jonas Brothers the next night. He asked me if I thought there was any other way we could be more blessed. I said, “yeah, if you at me adopt another dog.” He said “Really? You can’t think of anything else?” And I said “nope. Just another dog.” Seen pictured here.

He had the ring behind his back, I had no clue, and I was just laughing because I wanted another dog. He then pulls the ring from behind his back and says “really? Nothing else” as he got down on one knee. At that moment; my whole world stopped. I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn’t talk or breathe. But I squeaked out a “YES!” I followed it up with a kiss and said: “Are you sure??” He said, “I’m more than sure.”

before we left for vacation, he took me to get my nails done, I now know why. He asked my parents for their blessing, he used my full name, he bought my DREAM engagement ring, he hired a photographer (who drove 5 hours on a Monday from Kingsport to Nashville to capture this moment) and he made all of my dreams come true.

We went and had an engagement shoot in Nashville after the proposal. I’m still in awe at the fact that I get to marry this man. I believe everyone has someone that’s made for them. Ryan was made for me. We are blessed. We are grateful.

Special Thanks

Becca Jordan
 | Photographer