They Reenacted Their First Meeting From 3 Years Earlier—and He Surprised Her With a Ring

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How We Met

Matthew and I both grew up in small villages in the English countryside never crossing paths until I was sixteen years old. I saw Matthew walk down the corridor at school with his blue eyes and burgundy leather jacket. He didn’t know who I was but to little Brie he was my crush with no name – ‘the unknown fit guy’.

He was just a dream. I rarely saw him but when I did my heart would do a little flip or what Matthew and I like to call it, a ‘pang’. I would forever tell the universe I wanted to meet him but we never did meet at school. I then went to drama school in London, whilst in London I was chosen to be on a popular TV show. It was then that Matthew recognised me as he frequently watched the show at University. He found me on Facebook and I could finally put a name to my phantom crush. We tried to meet up for years, forever sending private birthday messages and having embarrassing small talk. We often scroll back, read our messages and laugh together. We attempted to meet up in Vietnam and London but it never worked out mostly because I was too nervous but on March 22nd 2014 is the day it all changed.

Whilst I was living in LA, I sent a simple message to Matthew who was living in Australia at the time ‘I just want to hangout with you’ and just like that it went from whatsapp messages to phone calls to sending videos to Skype to mailing love letters and then four months later I followed my heart and booked a flight from LA to Sydney. We met for the first time at Sydney’s International Terminal. Our first ever encounter, our first hug, our first kiss all happened there. The emotions were a whirlwind and I can forever take myself back to that moment, my favourite. My best friends all thought I was crazy to travel across the world to meet a man I had never met but I cant explain how right it felt. I knew I was going to marry him before even meeting him and I wasn’t scared to tell people that.

We wanted to say we loved each other before meeting but we patiently waited to do it in person. Upon arrival Matthew planned a visit to the Whitsundays whilst. We had a beautiful cabin on a yacht and our final destination was Whitehaven beach (The Whitsundays). In our cabin is where we first said we loved each other and moments later there was a full rainbow across the sky. Matthew’s father passed away almost ten years ago but we think we have him to thank for that because we saw the same rainbow on our engagement day too.

We now have travelled the world to be together and have never let anything get in the way of our love. We have lived in LA, London and now are residing in Singapore together before we pack up and settle in California. Matthew happens to be the first person I gave my heart and he will be my last as he will now be my husband. Our love is rare and honest and grows stronger each day and I’m so grateful to have found such a kind, patient and extraordinary partner to share our goals and dreams for the future. Forever trust your instincts as you will know when it is right for you. My family and friends still comment on how I lived in several countries over the past few years and end up marrying the man of my dreams from living only a few miles apart growing up. Destiny prevails!

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how they asked

Whilst planning our trip back to Sydney from Singapore we discussed recreating how we first met when arriving at the Sydney airport. Like I said three years ago it was out first encounter, our first hug, our first kiss, our first hello, our first everything. We had been in Melbourne for a couple days and arrived at Sydney Domestic terminal and had to get to the International Terminal to get to the exact place where we met. In Brie fashion I wanted to buy a sim card for data, I wanted to eat and I wanted shop! Matthew stayed calm while I did the things I wanted to. I had no idea my favourite story to tell was about to happen. We arrived at the International terminal and it was of course completely empty, just us. I started recording our reenactment. I filmed the ramp I walked down, the exact way I searched for Matthew. The moment I spotted him, I spent seconds that felt like hours trying to get enough courage to walk over and say my first ‘hello’. It was an overwhelming beautiful moment because it took me back to three years ago when the airport was bustling with people but all I saw was him. I squealed and fell into his arms while we kissed. Experiencing the exact same feelings I had three years ago. Moments later he was on one knee asking me the question I have been dreaming of since before I met him. Over whelmed with a million emotions I cant begin to describe I managed to mutter ‘Yes, of course!’. He then whisked me off to surprise. He rented a private yacht, a replica of the yacht to where we first said ‘I love you’.

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The next morning we woke up at sea we saw the same rainbow we had when we first said ‘I love you’. It was a complete full circle. Matthew and I think it was his father Stephen who passed away almost eleven years ago sending us the rainbow at the beginning of our story and the start to our forever.

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Matthew always says ‘Its meant to Brie’ and I couldn’t agree more. I wish I could tell sixteen year old Brie that eleven years later Matthew would propose. Matthew one week later at the same time (2pm) got down on one knee again and did it all over again. I had said I it was a whirlwind and wish I could do it all again and he made it happen. My heart is full of love. Dreams really do come true and after working as a Disney Princess at Disneyland.. I can finally say I have my Prince!

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The photo above is our first picture we ever took almost three years ago at Bondi beach and we recreated on our trip back!

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